4 Need to Know Facts About the New Leap Frog Epic


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LeapFrog Epic

We recently received the brand new LeapFrog Epic – and it has been a huge hit with the whole family! It certainly is “epic” – they got the name right! We have several LeapFrog LeapPads (check out my review of the LeapPad Platinum here) but the Epic is a whole new world. Below are some need to know facts about the new Epic – and why you should be considering buying it for your child(ren).

LeapFrog Epic

It’s not a LeapPad, it’s a Tablet
The LeapFrog Epic runs on an Android operating system (Android 4.4) – and I could tell the differences immediately. We have 5 (at last count) LeapPads in our house so we are very familiar with them. The Epic runs very quickly (not that the LeapPads are slow – they aren’t – but the Epic moves at lightening speed). With a quad-core processor and brilliant 7″ LCD screen, the LeapFrog Epic tablet delivers seamless performance. The homescreen is interactive where with the LeapPads it is just a photo (which you can customize). Children can bring the town to life using various art styles. One thing that my daughters LOVE about the background is that you can set it to reflect the weather and time in your town. They think it is so fun that it gets dark at night and cloudy when it is cloudy outside. This is a great way for kids to learn more about the weather – my 2.5 year old is starting to really grasp the concept thanks to the Epic. Besides LeapFrog apps, you can also download other LeapFrog approved Android Apps (for example, Fruit Ninja and Doodle Jump – sold separately) for the Epic. This is a brand new feature that my girls and I are taking full advantage of already. LeapFrog ensures there are no harmful third-party ads and only age-appropriate experiences.

LeapFrog Epic

Grows with your child
With the Just For Me Learning technology that the Epic has, you can personalize games up to 10 different ways. Some of them even adjust automatically as your child plays, with progress remembered game to game to keep children learning. Each child can have a profile on the Epic so that they can make their own progress in each game. I love this because my 4 year old and my 2.5 year old play on different levels. There are even some games we have that my 2.5 year old can’t play – she gets stuck and as a result gets frustrated easily. To prevent this, I just went in to the parent settings and made it so that she cannot play that game. As she gets a little bit older, I will restore her access to it. This feature is great for our family because they can both progress at their own level.

20151003_081143   20151003_125436

You can unlock the open web
Thanks to the LeapSearch browser, parents can stay in control of what their children can access online. Out of the box kids can access only pre-selected, kid-safe web content. I added a few new websites to the LeapSearch browser and I can update this as I feel sites are appropriate. This goes along with the previous fact – that the Epic grows with your child. When you think they are old enough, you can unlock an unrestricted, open web browser for them.

LeapFrog Epic

Time Restraints
One of my favorite things about the LeapFrog Epic is that I can manage what, when, and how long each child plays for. My 2.5 year old cannot play on school nights at all and our 4 year old can only play for an hour. The parent controls make it really easy for me to set this up and they have both learned when the Epic tells them they are done, they are done. This way they know their time is really up and they don’t think that I am just telling them it is (it used to always be a fight that I did not give them the full hour).

LeapFrog Epic

If you are still not convinced – the LeapFrog Epic has a 16GB Memory, 7″ LCD screen, Wi-Fi, 2MP cameras, a stylus, and comes loaded with 20+ apps. It  also comes with a pretty hardcore protective case around the edges and can protect it from most drops. Cartridges are not compatible with this device, but most of the LeapFrog apps are. My family has already enjoyed hours and hours of fun with the LeapFrog Epic. It would make a great gift for any child – and they will be excited to learn with LeapFrog!

Explore. Play. Imagine. Create.

Learn more about the LeapFrog Epic or purchase yours here.

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