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My daughters LOVE the Ninja Turtles – or as they call them “enja turtles”. Starting a couple months ago we would catch an episode here and there and they would want to watch the whole thing. But ever since they got the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Imagicard game for their LeapPad, they ask to put it on constantly. They now know all of the turtles’ names, their weapons of choice, and even that Leo is the leader “but Raph really wants to be” – and of course the fact that they all love pizza! For the few weeks we have been playing TMNT and I get to be Raphael always – which is fine with me because he was always my favorite growing up. That is something I really like about them being so into TMNT – it is something I was really into when I was growing up – except the toys seem way cooler now!

TMNT T-Machines

These Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles T-Machine Vehicles & Playsets from Playmates Toys are really awesome! There are regular vehicles ($3.99 each), vehicles with sound ($7.99 each), and playsets ($14.99 each) – all totally reasonable in price. They are based on the show that is currently airing on Nickelodeon and the vehicles are designed to capture the personality of the characters that are driving them. The vehicles have a die-cast chassis making them extremely durable. These are toys that can easily be passed on to my girls kids – I just know they will last that long. These are 1/50 scale vehicles and they are compatible with the leading competitors track systems. The collection includes: Raphael in Shellraiser, Fishface in Shellcrusher, Shredder in Shreddermobile, Leonardo in AT-3, Leonardo in Stealth Bike, Michelangelo in Hot Rod, Splinter in Rat Attack, Donatello in Service Truck, Raphael in Monster Truck, Tiger Claw in Safari Truck and Donatello in Patrol Buggy, Michelangelo in Patrol Buggy, Casey in Ice Machine, Raphael in Armored Truck, Rat King in Hearse, Turflytle in Buggy, Donnie in Speed Demon, Karai Snake in Sports Car, Raph in Military Truck, Leo in Sports Car, Mikey in Party Wagon and Slash in Demolition Car. Shop those here.

TMNT Talking

As for the vehicles with sound they are very similar, except you press the button on the engine block and the vehicle roars to life. Each one plays 10 to 15 different turtle phrases and vehicle sound effects. My daughters love these! Hear the engines roar, the tires squeal, and the Ninja Turtles scream out battle cries with these die-case vehicles. This collection includes: Extreme Speed Demon with Talking Raphael, Extreme Party Wagon with Talking Leonardo, Extreme Monster Truck with Talking Michelangelo and Extreme Service Truck with Talking Donnie. Shop those here.

TMNT T-Machines   TMNT T-Machines   TMNT T-Machines

And if you thought it couldn’t get any better, it does. There are also TMNT Playsets from Playmates Toys! You can build your own city with these sets. The playsets include the T-Machine Garage & Lair Playset and the Sewer Gas Station Playset. One really cool feature about these is that they can connect to create a bigger playing environment! We have the Sewer Gas Station Playset and it was really easy to put together. It only took me a couple of minutes. There is an elevator and a ramp that will drop down when you press a button – the girls have already spent hours playing with it. They are compatible with all T-Machines vehicles and each set come with an exclusive T-Rawket vehicle (Garage & Lair comes with exclusive Raphael in T-Rawket vehicle and Sewer Gas Station comes with exclusive Mikey in T-Rawket vehicle). These would make great holiday gifts for any TMNT fan and I forsee us completing our set!

TMNT T-Machines

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