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iCoffee Brewer

I could not survive without my coffee. If you have been reading my blog much at all before today, you should know that. I post about coffee a lot. As soon as single serve coffee makers came out, my husband and I got one. I love flavored coffees and he does not so this made life a lot easier for us. Especially since I was trying to cut down on creamer and that is what I was using to flavor my coffee. We enjoyed being able to brew our own roasts but we did have a few issues with the machine itself. Not only did it seem to take forever to heat up and then brew, eventually the company came up with a system where we could only brew certain cups. I am sure you know the company I am talking about, but I won’t mention any names.

iCoffee Brewer

We jumped at the chance to try out an iCoffee Opus Single Serve Brewer and boy are we glad we did. Within hours we knew we would be replacing our old brewer for this new brewer. My husband called it the “fastest coffee maker in the west” jokingly because we could not believe how quickly we had a steaming cup of coffee in front of us. We also love that there are many different cup sizes – even half ounces available!! – because that was perfect for filling some of our travel mugs up. Each iCoffee single serve model is equipped with Burrows’ patented SpinBrew Technology that lets users brew their favorite flavors for an impossibly smooth cup of coffee without sacrificing convenience. iCoffee single serve brewers also accept all reusable, biodegradable and recyclable k-cup options, unlike other single serve brewers which accept only brand-name, non-recyclable k-cups.

iCoffee Brewer   iCoffee Brewer   iCoffee Brewer

Our iCoffee Opus came with a few flavors we could try as well as a reusable cup! How awesome is that! The other company that we used before sold those separately for quite a pretty penny, I was shocked this one was included! I highly recommend this coffee brewer – it is amazing! I couldn’t be any happier with it.

iCoffee Opus is available at Bed, Bath and Beyond stores nationwide. Additional information can be found at www.iCoffee.com.

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iCoffee Opus Single Serve Coffee Brewer

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