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Aurora World

My girls are big into baby dolls and stuffed animals. They love carrying them around the house, calling them their babies, and acting like their mommies. It is probably the most adorable thing you will ever see. Unfortunately, our puppy also loves plush dolls and toys and so they don’t last long in our house. If they are ever left anywhere, she finds them, and they end up missing a limb or with stuffing coming out of them within minutes. Because of this we have been drastically low on babies in this house and the girls were getting anxious for some new ones. Aurora World sent us two of their products – a Sea Sparkles mermaid and a Cutie Curls doll.

Aurora World   Aurora World   Aurora World

I must admit, I was really afraid there would be fighting when these arrived, but there wasn’t. My oldest grabbed the mermaid and my youngest grabbed the doll and that was the end of the that. Almost immediately they were packed with their new babies to go to the “store” in their car. They had purses and were on their way to go “food shopping”. We have had no worries about the dog getting these because – and I kid you not – they have never left the girls’ sides. They come in the car with us, they sit on the table while we eat our meals, and they are even in the girls’ beds with them. I did these new dolls a thorough inspection and they are really well made! I think we would have more than enough time to wrestle them away from our pup before she could do any real damage – although I don’t want to test that theory.

Aurora World   Aurora World   Aurora World

If dolls just aren’t your child’s thing, Aurora World has over 1,800 products so I know you could find something they love. One of their cutest lines is the YooHoo & Friends endangered species collectibles (they have a Narwhal!). They also have My Little Pony toys and Miyoni lifelike animal toys. Aurora World toys are reasonably priced and would make great gifts for any little one in your life!

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