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sour jacks

My daughters love sour gummy candy and I swear they must get that from me. I could eat bag after bag of this stuff. Whenever I go to the movie theater, I pick the sour candies – I always have and most likely always will. Sour Jacks are one of my favorite sour candies and so I was really excited to hear that they were introducing three new flavors! Lemonade, Wildberry, and Green Apple would be joining the already existing Original and Watermelon. Yum! My mouth was watering already.

sour jacks   sour jacks   sour jacks

I am a little ashamed to say that when my Sour Jacks bags of candy arrived I hid in the closet to get first dibs. I knew that my daughters would steal them from me – and they did. They ate almost all of the new Lemonade flavor in a single sitting – luckily I got to eat three or four of them myself. These new flavors are all delicious. If I had to choose a favorite, I would go with Sour Apple – but they are all so good! Sour Jacks, has changed the shape of their candy along with this flavor expansion by upgrading to the brand’s proprietary wedge-shape. Making the new motto – Respect the Wedge! ™ with Sour Jacks®. To celebrate the unveiling of the new “wedge shape”, Sour Jacks is proclaiming August 17th National Wedge Day! Tell me – how will you celebrate?

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sour jacks

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  1. Dorothy Boucher on
    am loving the sour apples,,,,,,,,, and I have to laugh at that face on that little girl eating one LOLL too cute :)
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  3. Please be careful and check out some ADA and JADA articles about the extreme DAMAGE eating SOUR Candy can do to your enamel and erode your teeth...sadly, the acid used to manufacture all "SOUR" products will have negative effects on yours and your children s teeth. Sorry to be Sour Grapes here, but I just don't want to advocate eating large quantities of sour candy and feel bad when the Dentist has a costly treatment plan for you! .... I know - I am a Dental Assistant! Thanks and enjoy the Sour treats in small portions!
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