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Fresh BiB

If you know anything about you know that I do what I can to help the environment. That means when it comes to reusable items, I tend to use them. For example, I cloth diapered, I use reusable napkins – and now I have added Fresh BiBs to my list! These bibs are super cute and can be used well past the baby stage if you ask me. My girls are 4 and 2.5 and they still make messes while eating certain foods – especially yogurt – but they are too old for normal bibs. They would look at me like I was crazy if I tried to put one on them.

Fresh BiB    Fresh BiB    Fresh BiB

Let’s put aside the fact that I hate bibs. I hate the velcro, I hate the looks of them, I just – well – I don’t like them in general. I was super excited for Fresh BiBs because I could tell they were different and unique – and a vast improvement on the bibs that I am used to. They are a bandana design – which keeps your kids looking pretty sharp and staying clean at the same time. I love the fact that they are reversible and offer modern and fun prints. The double snap closure allows for a couple of different sizes and they are made in the USA (that alone impresses me and makes me happy). And did I mention that they come in the cutest packaging ever? They are rolled up in to small mason jars – can’t get more adorable than that! Not to mention that the shipping packaging is all recyclable! These 100% cotton bibs are great for your little ones – and even for dogs! My pug puppy drools like you wouldn’t believe and she sure looks stylish in her Fresh BiB! It started with my 4 year old wanting to share hers and now we love dressing up Khaleesi with a Fresh BiB now and then!

Fresh BiB

My girls are excited to put on their Fresh BiBs when they dive in to some messy foods. It is no longer a fight with them – so THANK YOU Fresh BiB! One thing that I really love about their company is that they are all about moms. They put the green stitching on their bibs to remind moms that every day is a fresh start. Their goal is to deliver fresh products and fresh starts for moms because they know how busy we are and how much we have on our plate. How can you not support a company like that?

Purchase your Fresh BiB here – and be sure to checkout their other products like the all natural wood teethers and pacifier clips!

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Fresh BiB

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