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Geek Fuel August 2015

I am a sucker for subscription boxes. Something about getting a box full of surprises intrigues me. And when they are geek and gamer related? Well, that is even better! Geek Fuel has been my favorite subscription box from the second I opened my first one. Every month you receive an exclusive T-shirt as well as a game download code – both of which make this a fun and unique subscription box. Every box also includes the month’s issue of Geek Fuel Magazine which features photos of subscribers, a geek gift list, and articles about relevant geek and gamer things. If you subscribe using this link, you will get a bonus item with your subscription! Who doesn’t like a little bit extra? The August 2015 box was just as good as its’ predecessors.

Geek Fuel August 2015    Geek Fuel August 2015

Geek Fuel August 2015   Geek Fuel August 2015

I am a huge Marvel fan as most of you know (my Twitter handle is MarvelGoddess24) so I was super excited to see a Marvel Comics book inside this month’s box. It is The World According to Wolverine and I love it! Some people got The World According to Spider-Man in their box and I imagine that book is just as awesome. This book is filled with goodies and little tidbits about Wolverine’s life. It is a must have for any Marvel fan and I am proud to say that I own it now. I will most likely go out and get the Spider-Man one if it is half as cool as this one. If you are a Marvel fan this box had another awesome item for you – a Deadpool T-Shirt! This month’s exclusive shirt is a pretty rad Deadpool shirt and I cannot wait to show it off everywhere. Every month Geek Fuel has one (or a few) lucky winner who receives something special in their box. Sometimes the T-Shirt is a different color. In this case (in true Deadpool fashion) it was a Mexican Feast. Yup, someone had a ticket in their box that would allow them to get Mexican delivery from a local restaurant – or Taco Bell.

Geek Fuel August 2015

I am a huge fan of the Fallout gaming series and am anxiously awaiting Fallout 4. Inside this month’s box was a Post Apocalyptic Currency Magnet. That’s right, a bottle cap from the Fallout series – and it is a magnet. This is so cool and I am proudly displaying it on my fridge. Another thing that I love is Adventure Time. It is a great show with an even greater story line – I hope you have been following it. I cannot wait for it to come back. That is why I was super happy to see an Adventure Time Jake Pop! Keychain. It went right on my keys. Some Geek Fuel subscribers received Finn instead of Jake in their boxes. There was also a yummy treat – a TMNT lollipop. I love Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – and this was delicious. The downloadable game this month is Aaru’s Awakening. In it you travel to mysterious places set in the mythical world of Lumenox. It is a 2D game and pretty fun!

Geek Fuel August 2015

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