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June 2015 PetGiftBox

Khaleesi and I are always excited for her PetGiftBox to arrive! It is full of goodies for her and we have a blast opening it. This month, my 4 year old wanted to help open up our box and show everything to our Khaleesi girl! We have had a busy month, so Khaleesi was excited to get some special time with her – and of course – some yummy treats and fun toys! The June 2015 theme was Jurassic Bark in celebration of Jurassic World opening. I thought this theme was super cute and relevant. What a great idea!

June 2015 PetGiftBox   June 2015 PetGiftBox   June 2015 PetGiftBox

Inside this month’s box for treats were a Hickory Smoked Bone ($3.99 Value), Digestive Health Paleo Treats ($9.99 Value), Dino Tracks Cookies ($3.99 Value), and a Beastie Bar ($8.00 Value). The Hickory Smoked Bone was a huge hit with Khaleesi – she is still chewing on it! She loves it and I love that it was made in the USA from 100% beef. It is also naturally smoked, just like in cave-man times. The Digestive Health Paleo Treats from “I’d Rather Be With My Dog” are a great treat for Khaleesi. The are entirely Paleo and formulated with ginger and coconut oil which help improve digestion. Khaleesi loves the flavor of these and keeps coming back for more. The Dino Tracks Cookies were a hit with my girls as well as my pup! They thought they were so cute and almost tried to eat them themselves. Instead, I let them give them to Khaleesi. They are made with all natural ingredients that canines have been consuming since the dawn of time. The Beastie Bar was also a great treat that my daughters loved feeding to our pug. They are formulated for easy digestion and made with lots of yummy ingredients.

June 2015 PetGiftBox   June 2015 PetGiftBox

The June 2015 PetGiftBox also included two toys that have quickly become Khaleesi’s favorites. They are Prehistoric Plush Pals ($8.99 Value) and they squeak away when played with. She has been carrying them all over the house and never lets them leave her side. It is adorable to watch! I love PetGiftBox because it they always include a card that talks about each of your items – and lets you know what you saved by purchasing this box. For example, with the Jurassic Bark box, you would have saved $34.95! Subscribe to PetGiftBox using this link and you will get your first box for FREE! Don’t forget, they are available for cats too! Be sure to watch our unboxing video below as well, it’s a cute one!

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