5 Iconic BFFs Reimagined as My Little Pony Figures | #MLPFriendshipDay #MLP


MLP Friendship Day Giveaway

Hasbro has teamed up with youth service organization generationON to honor the importance of friendship by launching a service campaign to teach children about helping others. You can learn more by visiting MyLittlePony.Hasbro.com/FriendshipDay, and join the conversation on social media using #MLPFriendshipDay. I also have a post up with great ideas on how to celebrate plus a chance to win some really awesome My Little Pony Toys! Click here to go there now.

Bert Ernie

Brought to you by the letters B.F.F., Sesame Street buddies Bert & Ernie have joined the My Little Pony brand to celebrate the International Day of Friendship!


Spend the International Day of Friendship without my BFF? As if!


BUMBLEBEE and OPTIMUS PRIME are true BFFs – Bot Friends Forever!

 Lucy Ethel

Inspired by the classic chocolate factory scene in I Love Lucy, the MY LITTLE PONY brand has created one-of-a-kind pony versions of famed ‘50s friends Lucy and Ethel.

Laverne Shirley

The My Little Pony brand is honoring some of the most notable pals throughout pop culture history, including Laverne and Shirley.


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