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Must Play Video Games

For today’s FanGirl Friday post, I decided to talk about a few video games that you NEED to have. I know from personally experience that even the most “hardcore gamer” can get distracted by life. Since having kids, my video game time has been drastically shortened. So I know how important knowing which video games to purchase is. No use wasting your precious video game time on a game that just is not worth it. So below are 5 games that I would say are must haves. Enjoy!

Disney Infinity

Disney Infinity

This game is great for families, for Disney fanatics, or for anyone who likes to let their imagination run wild. I have a blast playing my favorite Disney and Marvel characters – and soon they will be adding Star Wars and Inside Out ones in the mix! There are two ways to play this game – in a story line type format and in the toy box. With the toy box you can create your own world and play with any of the Disney Infinity Characters. You can even play in toy boxes other people have created by connecting to the internet. This is truly a must have game! Purchase here.

Lego Marvel Superheroes

Lego Anything

I love Lego games! These games are great for passing the time and are really fun for completionists. Use your lego coins that you collect to unlock new characters, vehicles, weapons, etc. This is another game that is perfect for families – or will allow you to play while your kids watch. It is also a great co-op game because it can be played on split screen with someone who is sitting right there with you. My biggest peeve is games that allow co-op but only via the internet. My favorite Lego game right now is Lego Marvel Superheroes – don’t say you are surprised by that. Purchase here.

Dragon Age Inquisition

Dragon Age: Inquisition

I have played the other Dragon Ages and they are all pretty awesome. I love the fighting style in these games and the plot lines. It is fun to be able to chat up your travel party and decide who you want to be nice to, be mean to, and who to form a relationship with. The stories behind them all are fantastic – but my favorite is the most recent one, Inquisition. I have played it through twice as there is a decision to make part way through on who to side with in the war – making two different story lines (sort of). It will take up a lot of gaming hours, but every second is worth it. Purchase here.


BioShock Trilogy

I remember when my husband got the first BioShock – we both sat, glued to the screen, while he played it through. He beat it in just two weeks (we had a lot more free time back then) and we were hooked. I then played it through. When BioShock 2 came out we did the same thing, except I played it first. By the time BioShock Infinite rolled around, we had two kids and video time was really limited. Lucky for me, I stay home with the girls, and naptime quickly became BioShock time. This game will blow your mind with it’s twists and turns! I love the fighting styles and the story lines. If you have to skip one, skip the second one – but it is still really good. Purchase here.


Arkham Series

Another great set of games is the Arkham games. They are the best (in my opinion) Batman games out there. You can go in to detective mode to discover hidden traps, attack the bad guys stealthy, and disrupt crimes in progress. Slink through the night while you go from mission to mission, listening to the police scanner. This is a must play series! Origins is my favorite plot wise so far but I am really excited to play Arkham Knight which was just released earlier this week. Purchase here.

I am really looking forward to Disney Infinity 3.0 and Fallout 4. These games are sure to be amazing!

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  1. I've always been curious about Disney Infinity. What a better thing than super heroes and disney characters for my kid? Lol I am glad you also mentioned the Lego Marvel Superheroes. I've been looking for a kid-friendly game that adults can play while the kids watch. Is that one exclusive for PS or can I find it for Xbox ONE? I have never heard of the others before, so it was great that you listed them with a description to learn a bit about them.
  2. Michelle Hwee on
    Ooooh disney infinity!! That is one that I've never played before but I really want to!! Thanks for your top 5 :)
  3. I am not too much into video games but lego for Xbox is one I prefer to play whenever I get time! Thanks for sharing the list. Looking forward to try Disney Infinity!

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