4 Staples Products You Need to Get Organized


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Staples Products

I love to be organized – almost to the point that it is a flaw. I have a home office where I do my writing but it is not enclosed – it is in between the kitchen and the living room. I deal with the kids running by and the dog jumping up on my chair – and sharing the desk with my husband. I have lots of folders and binders and notebooks so I can stay as organized as I like. I trust Staples for my office supplies and they now have a red, white, and blue line so you can organized for the summer in true July 4th fashion!

Here are the Top 4 Staples products you need to get organized:

Staples Notebook   Staples Notebook

  • M by Staples Arc Customizable Leather Notebook System: This notebook is amazing. I brought it with my on press trip to LA for the #InsideOutEvent (read about my trip here) to take notes during interviews and to put my thoughts in after events. Everything was at my fingertips when it came time to recall my amazing experience and put it all on here. One of the features I love about this notebook is that you can easily rearrange the pages if you need to. No need to open up binder rings – just tug gently to pull them out and put them in another spot. Comes in Red. Purchase here.

Staples Binder    Staples Binder

  • Staples Better View Binder with D-Rings: I love these binders. They hold a lot of sheets each – up to 275! I use them to store the paperwork that comes from companies about the products I review. I know there is probably no need to save these once I complete a post, but I like to have them all in one spot, just in case. The rings open very easily with just the touch of my finger. They are strong and durable and have been a huge asset to me getting organized. Comes in Red, White, & Blue. Purchase here.

Staples Folder

  • Staples 2-Pocket Folder: These folders are designed with business card holders inside the front pocket. These can hold cards or labels and are great for getting organized. I use them to store materials that I need for certain events. For example, I used one to carry all of my press materials for the Niagara Falls Comic Con (and our passports) when we went up to Canada. Comes in Red, White, & Blue. Purchase here.

Staples Pens   Staples Pens

  • Staples Retractable Ballpoint Pens: I love these pens. They last a really long time – and they look great sitting on my desk in their container. They spruce up my desk! They are comfortable to use because of their comfort grip. They are retractable so they will not accidentally write on things when in your pocket or purse. Pack includes Black, Blue, & Red. Purchase here.

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