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Prettie Girls

My daughters love their dolls. They have so many different Disney Princess and Equestria Girls dolls that I couldn’t even counted them if I wanted to. I don’t mind that they have so many dolls because it really helps them use their imagination. I love just sitting and watching them play out different scenarios together. It is adorable.

Prettie Girls       Prettie Girls

I was really excited to hear about One World Doll Project‘s Prettie Girls doll collection because they each have their own unique story, style, and personality. On top of that, they all hail from different cultural backgrounds, which I think is really important. It helps my girls not see color or race – and I am proud to say that they do not discriminate at all. My 3.5 year old was thrilled to receive Kimani in the mail. She asked me to open her up right away so she could play with her. She had me read the back of her box so she could learn all about her as well. She is artistic, creative, and loves the performing arts – perfect for my daughter who loves to dance, sing, and draw! My 2 year old enjoys playing with Kimani too – when her sister lets her that is. She comes with a necklace and a purse to help with imaginative play. This Prettie Girls doll is really well made. She has the bendable legs and is high quality. My daughters can be rough with their dolls and she has lasted through some serious play sessions already. There are several dolls in the collection so you can choose one that fits the little girl in your life best.

Prettie Girls     Prettie Girls

The current collection includes:

  • Lena – fun, fresh, confident, and smart
  • Valencia – bold & daring, with a passion for a healthy lifestyle
  • Kimani – artistic, creative, and loves the performing arts
  • Dahlia – a natural born comedian with a brilliant mind and quick-wit

Prettie Girls    Prettie Girls

These dolls would make a great graduation gift for those moving on to Elementary or Middle School. Although they hail from different cultural backgrounds, each girl embodies the positive and aspirational attributes that every little girl can embrace. As young grads get ready to take their next step, a Prettie Girl! Doll can be their toy, friend and positive role model, who offers a glimpse into their biggest and brightest dreams by getting good grades, helping their communities and taking their futures seriously.

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