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I have two young daughters and dinner time is always a struggle with them. It gets to the point where we will sit at the table for over an hour waiting for them to finish their veggies. I hate when it becomes a fight. I try to explain over and over that if they would just eat their dinner, they could already be down from the table playing. They just do not understand it – until Kidliga came in to our house that is.

Kidliga Kidliga

Kidliga has gotten them to eat fruits, veggies, proteins, and grains with no complaints, heck, they actually like it! This book and dinnerware set actually makes eating all the food groups fun! My daughters love the story of Sammie & Sax in the Land on Quinoa (one of my favorite meal components!) and their search for a balanced meal. It is filled with recipes, puzzles, and several other activities that really pushed them to WANT to eat healthy. The plate is fun for kids because there are spots for them to fill up with each food group. It becomes a game with my girls asking them which items go in which spot. The other great thing about this dinnerware is that it helps with portion control. Kidliga uses colors, symbols and illustrations to guide children in eating balanced meals. These sets come in blue and purple.


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