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Caillou Helps Out DVD

My daughters love Caillou. They would watch his shows all day if I let them. I think that they really enjoy how adventurous and curious he is. I was excited to hear that Caillou had a new DVD coming out from PBS Kids so we could switch out the one that has been on repeat for quite some time in the car DVD player (read that review here). Caillou Helps Out is a great DVD for little ones and especially little ones that love Caillou! It features seven of your favorite episodes. Caillou Helps Out will be available on June 16 so pre-order your copy here.


Lovable four-year-old Caillou has a boundless imagination that makes every experience an opportunity for fun and play. By sharing in his incredible adventures, children can “make believe” along with Caillou and find new ways to understand and enjoy the world around them. CAILLOU is designed for preschoolers and focuses on role-playing and “make-believe.” CAILLOU airs weekdays on PBS KIDS (check local listings) and is produced by DHX Media. The adventures included on this DVD are listed below. In one of the stories, “Emma’s Extra Snacks,” Caillou learns that while his friend Emma has diabetes, it doesn’t stop her from participating in all her favorite activities. A new book from Chouette Publishing called “Emma’s Extra Snacks” will be available this fall. The book, published with the American Diabetes Association, includes a poster about Emma and her diabetes.

Caillou Makes a Meal

Caillou makes pizza for dinner with his family, and learns that home-made pizza can be just as good as the fast-food pizza they have delivered to their door…and it’s fun to make!

High Flyers

Daniel comes for a visit and thinks he knows how to put together a model plane…without the instructions. When the plane doesn’t fly properly, Caillou finally gets the courage to point out a poorly connected piece. They fix the plane and Daniel acknowledges that Caillou knows a lot for a little kid!

The Untidy Classroom

When Caillou complains about having to tidy up, Miss Martin suggests an experiment – they won’t tidy up the classroom for a few days, and they’ll see what happens.  At first, the kids think this is fantastic…until they can’t find their puzzle pieces, they keep stepping on toys, and they can’t even do their morning exercises. Caillou finally realizes it’s time to tidy up, and decides to lead the clean-up crew!

Follow Me

Caillou tries to befriend his new classmate, Andy, but finds he isn’t getting very far. When Caillou tries to see things through Andy’s eyes, and realizes he prefers quiet activities – such as drawing – Caillou finally finds a way for them to be friends.

Emma’s Extra Snacks

Caillou is confused when Emma is allowed to have extra snacks at preschool. He’s even more confused when Miss Martin explains that Emma has type 1 diabetes. Worried about his friend, Caillou becomes very protective of Emma, not wanting her to do anything – not even go down the slide!  But when Emma outruns Caillou in a race, he soon realizes Emma’s diabetes isn’t like a cold or flu. It’s something Emma has to live with every day…and she’s doing a pretty good job of it.

Smooth Sailing

Caillou likes sailing with Daddy and Grandpa. Only, he wants to be Captain!  Grandpa and Daddy try to convince him that his job – as Lookout – is very important, but Caillou isn’t convinced…until he helps them find Treasure Cove by spotting various landmarks and leading the way.

Captain Caillou

Captain Caillou and Fantastic Leo are enjoying ‘flying’ around the house, pretending to be superheroes. Only, they can’t seem to share the task of saving the world!  Each wants to be the big hero in charge of their important ‘rescue’.  When Daddy asks them to lend a hand in weeding out the wild weed ogres, Caillou and Leo come to realize things would go a lot smoother if they worked together.


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