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Wool Walkers

Living in Upstate New York, slippers are a must have. They are necessary about 10 months out of the year – so I have been on the search to find really comfortable ones. I wanted something that was cute, that I could wear around the house daily (so long lasting), and that I could wear to run outside quickly to grab the mail or take the dog out. I thought that I would never find slippers that would fit all those things – but I did in Wool Walker!

One really cool thing about Wool Walker slippers is that you customize them. When you go to their website you will never find an out of stock message because everything is custom made! The custom designer is really easy to use – just select your colors (felt and sole) and your shoe size. All sizes for men and women are always available and each pair is handmade. These felt slippers are not knitted and boiled, but they are hand felted from a cloud of natural wool. There is no stitching or sewing. Speaking of clouds – they really do feel like you are wearing a cloud on your feet. They are so comfortable that I never want to take them off. I am even wearing them right now.

Wool Walkers

I love the soles on these slippers. I can run down the driveway to check the mail or take the dog out to go potty real quick. I would never be able to do this in other slippers. It is so much easier than having to take off my slippers and put on shoes – just to be outside for a few minutes. Wool Walkers are available for men, women, and even for kids!

Purchase your pair of Wool Walkers here.

**Coupon Alert: Use the code wwms20 when ordering to get 20% off your Wool Walkers!

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Wool Walkers

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  2. I would love these. I wear wool socks and slippers and boots year round. My feet are always cold. Even in the summer, and I live in Va.
  3. It's so fun that you can design your own! I would choose Glacier grey on the outside, turquoise inside with a light blue sole. They looks so warm, they would be perfect for our chilly wisconsin winters.
  4. I am not sure what I would choose. I will have to check it out later because their webpage will not open right now but they look really warm and I am sure any would be nice.
  5. I don't care what design they are. As long as they aren't open toed or slip on without a back. I subscribe and haven't received a blog posting for a couple of weeks.I'm wondering about the secret word and why the newsletters are showing up.
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