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What do mom and dad deserve most for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day? I say treats for their feet! If they are on their feet all day most days, why not help them relieve their pain and put less stress on their feet with AirPlus! AirPlus Footcare have many accessories to that are unique and comfortable for men and women. They offer instant relief from a variety of foot stressors that cause pain and discomfort. Whether they’re seeking relief for heel, forefoot, or arch or need all-day comfort, AirPlus has an effective solution for wearing their beloved stilettos, wedges, sandals, boots or pumps – their feet will feel as good as they look! Some accessories I recommend are:


Hug My Heels Gel Heel Liners – Invisigel provides long-lasting comfort and improved shoe fit. Made with clear gel, these silky smooth liners instantly blend in to whichever shoes you put them in for added discretion and comfort. I love my heels so these are a huge plus for me! By the end of date night I am usually leaning on my husband for dear life and practically crying because my feet are killing me. So needless to say since getting these me, my feet, AND my husband have been much happier!

Plantar Fascia Orthotic – Repeated stress from uncomfortable shoes and improper gait can cause the tissue that connects the ball of the foot to the heel – Plantar fascia – to become inflamed. This can potentially cause heel spurs or soreness when you stand or walk. These insoles position your foot correctly and promote proper motion for increased comfort. The firm arch plate and deep heel cup support and stabilizes your foot for all-day comfort. I have Plantar fasciitis and it is no fun! It usually leaves me limping after long days – even in comfy sneakers. These inserts have been a life saver for me and I have not had any flare ups since using them!

Aloe Infused Spa Socks – Pamper your loved one with these aloe and vitamin E infused, ultra-moisturizing socks! Soothe and provide comfort to feet by giving them that relaxing spa feeling right in your own home. These socks are amazing and make my feet feel awesome. The perfect little something for any mom this year!

Air Plus

Ultra Work Memory Plus Insoles – A serious work day needs a serious insole. Ultra Work Memory Plus Insoles are designed for men who put in long hours and need insoles that can stand up to hard work. Made with a durable memory foam structure that instantly forms to your foot, helping to fight fatigue caused by prolonged working or standing, this insole truly is industrial strength. Antimicrobial additive protects against odor-causing bacteria. My husband does a lot of work on the house on nights and weekends. We are constantly remodeling (we are addicted!) plus he works with the chickens a lot. He is always in his work boots and he is miserable by the end of the day because of it. He was really excited when I gave him these and he said they have really helped. They would be a great Father’s Day gift for any hardworking dad!

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  1. My eldest is 32 but still lives very close to home (in our upstairs apartment.) Last year I noticed he was having a lot of discomfort not related to his knees, I thought the CP was effecting his feet. The Dr. said no, his wide, then abnormal gait was causing the pain. He offered shots way above what we could afford and ever since he has been going through insoles like wild fire. I'll have to check these insoles out. Thanks for sharing.
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