Stainless Steel Herb Scissors


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Herb Scissors

As most of you know, my husband and I love to grow our own fruits and veggies. We had a pretty extensive garden last year and are eagerly awaiting the warm weather to get one going again this year. Besides fruits and veggies, we also grew our own herbs last year. This was awesome because we make our own pizza and soup from scratch all the time. Last year was our first year growing herbs and we will for sure be doing it every year now! We did not have herb scissors and decided that was something that we needed to get this year.

Herb Scissors    Herb Scissors

I received some stainless steel herb scissors and am dying to use them! While I have been unable to use the Jenaluca Stainless Steel Herb Scissors on our fresh herbs yet, I can tell right away how useful they will be. They have five sharp blades meaning two quick snips will equal ten knife chops. I cannot wait for my herbs to grow so we can use these! I have used them on some store herbs and the handles are very comfortable. These herb scissors also come with a protective cover for storage purposes. I think these would make a great Mother’s Day gift – and a perfect item for anyone who has their own home herb garden!

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