Schraffen Berger Chocolates


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Scharffen Berger Chocolates

If you want to win my heart over, just buy me some chocolate. Isn’t that true for most women? I mean, come on, who doesn’t love chocolate?! I could eat chocolate every single night for dessert and I would be a happy camper! I was recently lucky enough to try some Scharffen Berger Chocolates and wow – they are so delicious. I love the variety that they have and that all of their bars tasted amazing.

Scharffen Berger Chocolates    Scharffen Berger Chocolates

The four newest chocolates that I got to try out are:

· Scharffen Berger 72 percent Signature Dark Chocolate is made from beans that capture the essence of a warm brownie, bringing a soft, approachable dark chocolate to the brand’s line up that melts the moment it hits the tongue. I am not a huge fan of Dark Chocolate, so I passed this along to my friend who is – and she loved it!

· Scharffen Berger 33 percent Smooth Milk Chocolate has been crafted to be slightly sweeter than the brand’s delicious 41 percent Extra Rich Milk Chocolate, while still maintaining the wonderful notes of caramel and a delightfully smooth texture. Milk chocolate is my go to candy bar. This one did not disappoint. It tasted great!

· Scharffen Berger 72 percent Dark Chocolate with Pistachios and Sea Salt combines the new silky smooth intensity of the Signature Dark Chocolate with a subtle tang of sea salt and the unique nutty taste of roasted, chopped California pistachios. I really like pistachios but was skeptical about them in chocolate. Yum! This bar was shockingly so good!

· Scharffen Berger 33 percent Milk Chocolate with Toasted Coconut and Macadamia blends the intense notes of caramel and molasses in this luscious milk chocolate perfectly with toasted coconut from the Philippines and buttery macadamias from Australia. This was my favorite bar. I love macadamia and I like coconut. I was afraid the coconut would be overwhelming, but it wasn’t. It was perfect!

Scharffen Berger Chocolates

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