Schick Razors + Edge Shave Gel = Happy Dad!


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Schick - Edge

My husband is really picky when it comes to his hygiene products. He has extremely sensitive skin and a lot of products irritate him. He was in the Navy so naturally, he hates to shave. On weekends he lets his facial hair grow, but he now has a job where he has to shave every morning. He was really excited when I handed over a pack of Shick Xtreme3 Ultimate razors and some cans of Edge Shave Gel.

Schick - Edge

He told me he was happy because these are two names that he trusts. In the winter especially, he has really dry skin and so he cannot skip the shave gel. When he tries to, it always backfires. The only shave gel that he will use is Edge. He was running low when these came so he was thrilled. The cans that we got are the Sensitive Skin and the Extra Moisturizing. He has never used either of these ones before and has told me that he likes using them both. They smell good (and I can vouch for that) and work great. He was really pleased with them.

Schick - Edge

I am sure he is like most men in that he only uses disposable razors – maybe it is about the fear to commit (haha), I am not sure. He has never really been selective about his razors, just uses whatever he grabs at the store – but he has now told me he will search out Schick Xtreme3 Ultimate razors. These razors feature three blades that flex and pivot while shaving, optimizing contact with his skin and helping to guard against razor burn (which he is really prone to). They also have an ergonomic handle for easier grip and improved glide and comfort. The razor cartridge has 50% more lubricant containing Vitamin E, Aloe, & Shea Butter! Follow on Facebook Here.

Schick Xtreme3 Ultimate disposable razors are available at various drug and grocery retailers nationwide.


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