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March 2015 Geek Fuel

We all know what a huge geek and gamer I am. I recently discovered Geek Fuel and am pretty obsessed with their box. I actually cancelled my subscription with another geek themed box (not naming names) and have since purchased a subscription to Geek Fuel. That is how much I love them and stand behind their boxes! Every month comes with a T-Shirt and that is really, really cool if you ask me. This is my second box and both shirts have been incredible. They have both been shirts I know that I will wear time and time again. If you subscribe to Geek Fuel by CLICKING HERE then you will get a FREE bonus item! And who doesn’t like free stuff?

March 2015 Geek Fuel     March 2015 Geek Fuel

I could tell right away that I was going to love the March 2015 Geek Fuel box. I opened it up and I saw that there were several Game of Thrones related objects. Game of Thrones is one of my all time favorite shows – and books! It is incredible and so I was thrilled about the items I found in this box. There was a Dragon Glass arrowhead. Now I absolutely refuse to give any spoilers at all but this is amazing. If you know anything about this series, this is a pretty cool collectible to have. I have displayed this on my “geek shelf” already and I love it! There was also a Game of Thrones comic book – Issue #9. I plan to get all the other ones and then read them. I love comics so this will be a great addition to my stash. The Geek Guide this month featured the throne on the cover and was a great read – lots of geeky items in there!

March 2015 Geek Fuel      March 2015 Geek Fuel

The T-Shirt this month was themed “Thrones of Games” (reminded me of King of the Nerds, hehe) and it is incredible. It features thrones that favorite video game characters might have! There is Mario, Final Fantasy – lots of amazing ones! I am in love with this shirt. If I could marry a shirt, I would marry this one. In this box was also a download code for Warmachine (plus a sticker sheet), a Darryl Jones poster, a Gears of War Imulsion Energy Drink, & of course the monthly pin. My husband stole the energy drink the night it came – and he loved it! Gears of War is one of our favorite games as I explain in my unboxing video (which you can watch below).

March 2015 Geek Fuel      March 2015 Geek Fuel

I highly recommend Geek Fuel if you are looking for a geeky box to subscribe to. Like I said before, every month has a T-Shirt, which is a huge plus! This is only my second box, but Geek Fuel has already really impressed me. I have signed up for a 3 month subscription, but will most likely continue it even longer if they continue to be amazing boxes like these.

Subscribe to Geek Fuel HERE and you will get a FREE Bonus Item!

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