Chefcoo Step Stool


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Chefcoo Step Stool


My young daughters need help reaching the sink to wash their hands and brush their teeth. But my husband and I hate having a step stool out in the bathroom all of the time. I cannot tell you how many times I have gone in and accidentally stubbed my toe or kicked the step stool because it is left out and in the way. We recently redid our main bathroom and left a small gap between the sink and the wall. The plan was to get a fold-up stool to place here and out of the way so when I was given the chance to review a Chefcoo Step Stool I jumped on it.

Chefcoo Step Stool  Chefcoo Step Stool  Chefcoo Step Stool

I must say that we immediately loved it. It folds up very easily and can be slide between the wall and sink so it is out of the way. Both of my daughters (ages 2 and 3) can open it up and set it up themselves. They can even close it up and put it away. This step stool is actually even a little bit taller than the standard one we had before so my 2 year old can wash her hands by herself much easier. The Chefcoo Step Stool is strong enough so that even adults can use it – my husband and I have brought it in to the kitchen to reach high up items in the cabinets a few times already. I really recommend this step stool if you are looking for something you can easily fold up and store, but that is also strong and useful.

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