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Mothers Day Locket

I love jewelry, just like I am pretty sure all women do. But what do I love more than jewelry – jewelry that means something to me. Sentiment is more important than anything when it comes to this sort of thing with me. For example, one of my favorite necklaces is one my mother had made for me when I graduated college (Magna Cum Laude but OK, let me stop bragging). My point is, when you can find a company that will make you a beautiful, personal, necklace or locket – that is the best gift you can give anyone – and that is where A Touch of Dazzle comes in!

Mothers Day Locket   Mothers Day Locket

A Touch of Dazzle has gorgeous lockets for pretty much any occasion you can think of – Mother’s Day, WeddingAnniversary, Graduation, Birthday, Baby Shower, Just Because, the list goes on. Each locket is made of high quality stainless steel and is all inclusive: locket, plate, charms, crystal, chains and gift box. They are available in a variety of finishes: Silver tone with crystals, Silver Etch, Rose Etch and Gold Etch. The etched look is a high grade finish with lasting quality. Some of my favorite Mother’s Day phrases on the plates are: “The best thing about having you as my mom, is my kids having you as a grandma”, “If I didn’t have you as a mom, I’d choose you as a friend” and “Mom knows best, but Grandma knows better”. I think my absolute favorite of their wide selection of lockets is “Home is where your mom is” – I can totally see myself getting this for my daughters as they graduate High School and go off to College (I know I have quite a few years to go, but yes, I do think about it already).

Home is Where Your Mom Is    Maid of Honor

I love floating lockets because you can find a set that is perfect for who you are giving them to. Some of their Wedding lockets include “I do” and “Maid of Honor”. These lockets would make awesome gifts for your bridesmaids! I know that my friends would have loved something like this to commemorate that day and how much of a big part of it they were. I could have picked out special sets for each of the ladies and made their gifts just – well – perfect. A Touch of Dazzle makes shopping for floating lockets easy – because they come in sets that include the charms already, no more hours of searching through charms!

And that is not all – they have a customer service record to back up their product. They truly believe the customer is always right. They want to make you happy – whether you are purchasing for someone else or for yourself. A Touch of Dazzle has many floating lockets to choose from, but they also have other jewelry too. So be sure to browse their whole Amazon store when you get a chance. There are lots of gorgeous pieces there that I know I would like to own! So grab your loved one a floating locket they will treasure forever – and add a bracelet and/or set of earrings as well. Go ahead and spoil them, they deserve it, don’t they?

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  1. Those are so cute. I have always wanted a floating locket, but never could find one that would fit me. Oh yeah, I am so looking through their store on Amazon, wowza, they have a ton of stuff. I love companies that have a strong customer service and care about their customers. Great review, now it is time to go shop..he he he...
  2. Oh I love this! I need to show this to my husband for a little "hint hint". I would want one with my babies birth stone colors in it. I like the idea of making one for a Bride since my sister is getting married this Summer as well!
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  5. I want one of these so bad. I have hinted in to my boyfriend and he just doesn't take a hint. hehe. These looks super cute. There are so many companies that do this, so I wouldn't have known which company to even buy these from. I will check out this one! The charms and necklaces look and sound beautiful.
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