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Water is essential for healthy living, yet 748 million people lack access to clean water – the equivalent of nearly two and a half times the United States population. That fact just hits you, doesn’t it? That is a LOT of people. We take clean water for granite here in the United States. One in every five children dies from the effects of contaminated water and unsafe hygiene. That is so sad, and hard to think of when stuff like that is so easy for us here. To address this world crisis and to acknowledge the importance of water, the United Nations General Assembly declared March 22 as World Water Day in 1993. Last year, World Water Day posts reached up to 700 million people. This advocacy can help thousands more get clean water access each year. March 22 is fast approaching, so let’s take a minute and talk about the things you can do to make a difference this year. You can raise funds by doing a run or walk, volunteer at a World Water Day event in your area, or even spread awareness just by talking about this crisis and cause with others.

Watch the video below and I can promise you that you will want to do what you can to help. Click here to donate to World Vision and/or learn more about their cause.

Things you can do to help – not just on World Water Day – but every day!

1. Take a Short Shower: Keep track of time spent showering as a reminder of water shortage around the world. An American that takes only a 5 minute shower has already used more water than an entire day’s worth of water for the average person in a developing country’s slum.

2. Make a Home Cooked Meal: Sip a restaurant meal and eat in. Use the time at home to talk about the need for water and donate money saved by cooking at home to give clean, life-giving water. A gift of $50 provides one new person with clean water.

3. Give Clean Water: Help us get one step closer to providing reliable clean water sources around the world by visiting World Vision’s website to contribute to the Clean Water Fund, or make a monthly pledge.

Connect with World Vision on Facebook and Twitter.

 Umbrella                   Scarf

I know you are just dying to know what you are entering to win, right? Well, read on below about these amazing products that will help you spread the word about World Water Day!

World Water Day Umbrella – This blue umbrella serves as a practical reminder that rainwater is considered a precious resource for people that lack established water systems.

Royal Silk Scarf – From the World Vision Gift Catalog, this scarf is made with luxurious silk using Fair-Trade practices. The blend of soft colors emulates the purifying qualities of water and the vibrant life that it sustains.


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World Water Day Umbrella & Scarf

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