Snack Pets – Lunch Boxes You Can Freeze!


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Snack Pets

My family and I try to do activities on the weekends. We love to go places like the mall, the zoo, and the different parks we have around us – especially once it is nice weather. One of our favorite things to do in the spring and summer is have picnics. I like to take our own food with us when we go places for two reasons. One, it is cheaper – most places the food is really expensive. And two, it is healthier – a lot of times there are not many healthy options depending on where you are. We have always just packed up regular lunch boxes with an ice pack when we do this. But now we have Snack Pets – and my husband and I love them as much as the girls do!

Snack Pets                     Snack Pets

Snack Pets are the future of lunch boxes. These are great for family outings and picnics because when you unzip them, they become a place mat / play mat combo! They give you a clean place to eat off of (instead of the ground or dirty picnic table) – and that is not all – they can be frozen as well! Just put them in the freezer for a minimum of a few hours before you leave, and you are good to go for a day out. Your food will still be nice and cold and fresh when it is time to eat (the gel pack inside of Snack Pets generally stays cool for about 7 hours). Snack Pets are very roomy inside too – you can easily store a sandwich, a drink, and a couple snacks. Snack Pets comes in 4 different designs (Cow, Dolphin, Ladybug, and Dog) with more coming later.

Snack Pets                               Snack Pets

Snack Pets was developed in response to an outcry from mothers who are upset with the safety hazards of normal lunch boxes. I recently learned that even insulated boxes do not maintain safe temperatures for more than an hour or two – meaning my kids could be eating food that has developed bacteria when it comes to lunch time. Something I was not happy to hear. Order your Snack Pets now!

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