Salt for Life


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Salt for Life

My husband and I really love our salt. We are always told by friends and family that our soups and sauces are too salty – but to us – they are just right. We know this is probably not the best thing for us, but we cannot help it, we love salt! That is why both of us were really excited to hear about Salt for Life. With its brand new blend of sea salt from Brazil and potassium salt from Canada, the improved Salt for Life contains 75 percent less sodium by replacing it with potassium, a very necessary and often under-consumed nutrient, without compromising taste. In other words, Salt for Life actually delivers the same salt taste many consumers love with improved nutrition.

I must say that my husband and I were both very cautious about trying this salt. Like I said, we are huge fans of what we know and if it’s not broke, don’t fix it, right? Well wow! Salt for Life is not kidding when they claim that it is the same taste. Neither one of us could tell the difference. Not in our homemade soup, not on our food, not at all. We were both very pleased and will be using this sea salt from now on. We are huge fans! It doesn’t hurt to lower our sodium intake and like I said, there is no compromise on flavor!

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  1. Sounds very interesting, We don't buy regular table salt anymore, just a brand called no-salt but I don't know what it actually is. I know people with heart conditions, and some other medical conditions have to watch their potassium intake, but they are probably already on a low, or no salt diet anyway.

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