My February The Surviving Momhood Box


Feb Surviving Momhood

I love The Surviving Momhood subscription box! It is one of my favorite monthly treats that I get just for me. Well, I shouldn’t say just for me – because one of the things I love most about Surviving Momhood is they always add something for your child(ren). February 2015’s The Surviving Momhood Box was all about pampering if you ask me – shower items, home goods items, and of course candy. In another week or two, I will have a full review of all the products I received, but right now I just want to tell you what I got. If you are interested in subscribing to this box, click here, be sure to tell them Mama Smith sent you!

The Surviving Momhood Box frequently has surveys you can fill out so that they know what you like, love, want, and need. They also want to stay up to date on what your children like so they can add something extra in for them. Recently, the Surviving Kidhood Box was launched (enter to win one here!) which is just for kids! The Surviving Momhood Box is one of the best subscription boxes I have ever received. It is always packed full of great items, personalized to my wants and needs, and includes a little something for my girls. I couldn’t ask for more! Subscribe here and tell them Mama Smith sent you!

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