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Link Laces

My husband is an avid runner and he hates struggling with shoe laces before he takes off every morning. So when I found out about Link Laces, I just knew I had to get them for him to try out. Link Laces are an elastic, no tie, shoelace that are easy and safe to use. My husband was shocked at how comfortable they are, and how much he loves using them now! Link Laces are great for young kids, kids with special needs, runners, athletes, and seniors – pretty much anyone who doesn’t want to have to tie their shoe laces every day!

Link Laces

Link Laces turn any shoe in to a slip on shoe which is great! They come in 48 inch length so that you can cut them to adjust them to your shoe(s). They are water resistant and high performance, made from high quality bungee cords! Purchase your Link Laces here and use the code MAMASMTH for 25% off!

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Link Laces

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