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Khaleesi loves her monthly PetBox. She recognizes that blue box and knows when it is time to sit down and do an unboxing video. It really is so cute to see. I pick up the box and my phone, and she sits down and waits. PetBox is a pet subscription box for dogs or cats. You can subscribe at GetPetBox.com – but if you do, be sure to use the coupon code MamaSmith to get 10% off!

PetBox     PetBox

The February 2015 PetBox was one of the best ones yet. I was really excited to get the Old Mother Hubbard Bits of Love Treats because we have had their treats before and Khaleesi loves them. These went right into her treat container and she was really happy. The Pet Greens Savory Beef Treats looked like they would be great treats for Khaleesi as well. They are all-natural and grain-free jerky treats that are made with 90% real meat and organic wheat grass – so of course, I was not worried at all to give them to her. She loves these and I have already purchased another bag for her. We also received some Evangers Beef Dinner Food which Khaleesi enjoyed. She rarely gets wet food so it is like a special treat for her. She scarfed it right down!

PetBox      PetBox

The toys that came in this February’s PetBox are some of Khaleesi’s favorites. The Petstages Chew Rope Toy has become a nightly tug and war toy with Khaleesi. I love how tough it is, because she is a chewer. As for the Fetch Pet Products Topsy Turvies Stuffed Toy, I thought this was really cute and fun. Khaleesi really enjoyed it but after about a week, she did rip it and we had to throw it away. I was so sad because I thought this toy was super cute! Khaleesi’s Zippy Paws Crinkle Dragonfly Toy is one of her favorites as well. The crinkle sounds always gets her attention, and I prefer it over a squeaker, which can get really annoying when we are trying to watch TV or a movie.


Overall, this was a great PetBox – definitely a favorite of ours. Remember, these come in cat or dog versions. You can subscribe at GetPetBox.com and be sure to use the code MamaSmith to get 10% off your entire order. Get goodies for your fur baby delivered right to your door – you know they deserve it!

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