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Easter Bunny Dust

I love having young daughters because I really enjoy seeing the magic of holidays through their eyes. It is incredible how catching belief is. One of my favorite books of this past year is The Magical Tale of Santa Dust (read my review here) and so I was thrilled when I found out the author was going to be writing them for other holidays as well.

Easter Bunny Dust    Easter Bunny Dust    Easter Bunny Dust

When The Magical Tale of Easter Bunny Dust came to the door, my 3.5 year old immediately recognized that it was just like Santa dust. She could not wait to read it. She held tightly on to the bag of Easter Bunny dust as we read the story. The story itself is similar to the Santa dust story, which means it is great. It brought tears to my eyes, yet again. My girls cannot wait to sprinkle the Easter Bunny dust out the night before the bunny makes a stop at our house. I do not want to give away the story, but the Easter Bunny dust will sparkle in the moonlight to help guide the Easter Bunny to your home. Start a new Easter tradition with this incredible book. Purchase yours here.

 Easter Bunny Dust                             Easter Bunny Dust

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The Magical Tale of Easter Bunny Dust

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