Detailed February 2015 Surviving Momhood Box


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Feb Surviving Momhood

I love subscription boxes. Especially when they are personalized to your liking and they throw in something little for my kiddos. I can only think of one box like that – The Surviving Momhood Box! This box is incredible and always comes jam packed full of goodies for me and the girls. I am amazed at them more and more each month. The February 2015 box was all pampering and home goods and I loved everything that came in it.


I am so in love with my Threshold Monogram Pillow Cover ($17 value) and Owl Pillow! I know the owl pillow ($17 value) was most likely in there for the girls, but I love owls. This is my “cuddle pillow” as my 3.5 year old calls it. You can always find me on the couch with my arms around it. I love it! It is super cute and soft and cuddly! The Monogram pillow cover is amazing and is currently being displayed on our couch in our basement game room / media room.


These Purple Sherpa Lined Cozies Slippers ($13 value) are extremely comfortable. These are my go to slippers on cold nights – and sometimes during the day. It is still freezing here in upstate New York so slippers are a must. I love the purple, of course, because it is my favorite color. I think these slippers are super cute as well!

shower stuff

All of my shower and beauty goodies are amazing! The Casabella Bath Storage Tote ($6 value) is just what I needed for our small stand up shower. This keeps all of my shower items in one place and I love it. The shelf in our small shower is too small for anything really, so I used to have a pile on the floor. Now I have it all in my caddy! I am obsessed with my Bath & Body Works Sleep Lavendar Lotion ($5 Value) – I love the way it smells and feels on my skin! The Softsoap Body Butter Coconut Scrub ($3 value) is incredible. I have used this before and I really like the way it cleans and leaves me smelling after a shower. The Village Naturals Therapy Aches & Pain Relief Mineral Bath Soak ($2 value) actually could not have come at a better time. I pulled my neck a couple weeks ago and have been using this to soothe it. It really helps the aches and pains, just as advertised. My girls love their Disney Minnie Body Wash, Shampoo, & Conditioner ($4 Value)! They are always asking to use their new Minnie Mouse soap in the shower. We are almost out and this is a purchase we will be making. And as for the So Fresh So Clean Eye Make-up Remover Wipes ($7 value) – these are just what I needed. I was running out of my old makeup wipes and they had been irritating the skin around my eyes a little bit. These ones have not done this at all and they work great.

shower towl

The Creme Shop Skin Rejuvenating Shower Towel ($5 value) has been a huge asset to my showers! I am loving using it! I feel like it is really exfoliating and cleaning me. It is not too scratchy, which I was a little worried about. It has been a great addition to my showers. I highly getting suggest one!

Jelly Belly 2              Jelly Belly

These Jelly Belly Chocolate Dipped Cherry Jellybeans ($5 value) are amazingly delicious. I could have eaten the entire bag in one night if it were not for willpower! My daughters really loved them too – and I even caught hubby munching on them a few times! They tasted just like chocolate covered cherries – yum!


I also received 5 Yogi Bedtime Tea Bags ($2 value) in my The Surviving Momhood Box. These teas are awesome. They taste great and are perfect to relax with before bed. I love tea, especially on a cold night. These are must try for anyone who enjoys drinking tea!


As I was putting away my tea, I found a surprise in between them! A Camera Charm ($5 value) was waiting in there for me – so this was not on the unboxing video. This charm is super cute and I added it to my floating locket right away. I love to take photos so this was perfect for me.

The Surviving Momhood Box is always customized to represent you and things you like. The longer you are customer, the more they get to know you and your children. I love getting this box every month. It never disappoints! They have a Surviving Kidhood Box now, so be sure to check that out (I am giving one away here).

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