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I love a good cocktail while celebrating a holiday with family and friends, who doesn’t? But for me, there are a couple of issues that always arise. One, it can be time consuming and kind of a pain to make drinks if you are trying to visit with family. And two, the “kids” (teens usually) are always asking for some of their own. Well, Mocktails Brand solves both of those problems, and I love them for it!


When I have family and friends over, the last thing I want to do is spend time measuring out different ingredients to make a cocktail. With Mocktails Brand, all you have to do is add the alcohol, the rest is already done for you. Open up the bottle of mix, remove the metal top (nicely hidden inside), and pour in the alcohol and/or ice. Then you just shake and serve! It is that easy. You will not have to spend a lot of time away from guests, which is one of my favorite perks of these. I love Mocktails Brand because they are easy to customize as well. You can always add the alcohol after you shake with ice – allowing you to make drinks as strong or as light as your guests prefer. We have a bar in our media room/ game room in our basement and I cannot wait to entertain down there with Mocktails Brand. I know they will be a hit!


Remember when I said with Mocktails Brand, all you have to do is add the alcohol? Well, sometimes you don’t even have to! Do you know what I am getting at? Sometimes you have a friend who is pregnant or nursing, but wants to be part of the crowd – it is easy enough to make her a Mocktail – no alcohol added. Or maybe some of your younger guests want to feel like they are having just as much fun as the over 21 guests – pass them a Mocktail! These would even make great drinks at an older child’s birthday party (think 17 or 18). They can have fun behind the bar and still stay legal. You can even give your little ones a sip if they want – I don’t know if they would like it, but they can try it. Mocktails Brand comes in several different flavors – Margarita, Cosmopolitan, Whisky Sour (my personal favorite), and Sangria. This Easter, make it easy on yourself and entertain with Mocktails Brand! Purchase Mocktails Brand here.

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