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Attitude Hair Care

Some of my friends would call me a hippy. I don’t think I am on the extreme end – but I did birth my youngest daughter at home, breastfed both my girls to 18+ months, and delayed vaccinations. We raise our own chickens (for eggs and meat), grow our own veggies, and plan on getting a couple goats soon – so yea, I probably am a little bit of one. I love products that are safe for the environment – products that are not full of chemicals and ingredients that you cannot even pronounce. So when I heard about ATTITUDE hair care, well, I just had to try some!

Attitude Hair Care                Attitude Hair Care

I am always conscious about what I put in my body and ON my body – which is just as important in my opinion. ATTITUDE’s hair care line follows strict product development guidelines and regulations, and is made with high quality and worry-free (eek!) ingredients. Their products are a natural, pure way to care for hair – and that makes THIS mama VERY happy! That is not all – ATTITUDE’s hair care line is also vegan, CO2 Neutral and hypoallergenic. It works great and smells amazing! So where is the negative here? I am not seeing one. ATTITUDE also has baby items (yay!) as well as soaps and moisturizers. I think that these would make the perfect Mother’s Day gift for ANY mom – not just environmentally conscious ones.

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