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I love to read novels, but I also really enjoy fun books filled with inspirational and funny quotes. I have had a few of these in my lifetime and I must say that All Mascara is Not Created Equal is at the top of my list. I flew through this book, and sat chuckling while I did so. I keep it next to my bed and read my favorite quotes to get myself going every morning. This book is filled with Spiritual, Practical, & Humorous Tips – and it is just what I need to start my off right. I think my absolute favorite one is:

Leave the house without make-up on every once in a while. You are truly beautiful without it.

All Mascara is Not Created Equal is a woman-to-woman guidebook for life. I know I plan to hold on to it and pass it down to my daughters when they are older. I just cannot wait to share it with them. It is full of good advice and things I know we will laugh at.

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A few words from the Author herself, Jessica Landmon.

Can you give us a brief summary of your book, All Mascara is Not Created Equal?
All Mascara is Not Created Equal is intended to present lighthearted, witty, and spiritually sound advice to young women and girls in “tweet-like” form to help them live a life God would approve of.

What do you hope readers take away from All Mascara is Not Created Equal?
I hope women learn that pop culture shouldn’t define the kind of women we become. I hope that they see that life is hard, but Jesus will be your comforter and strength. I hope that every woman sees her beauty, even before she puts on her mascara. Our inner beauty is so much more important than anything on the outside.

We would love to know more about the woman behind the book. How would you describe yourself?
Practical. Organized. Planner. These are some words that my close circle of friends and family would use to describe me. And I can’t argue with that. But, when the Holy Spirit asks me to do something, all that goes out the door. Jesus’ love for me is the most important thing in my life. My goal is that everyone would experience this type of love, which is why I am so quick to abandon my plans and do what God wants me to do. On a fun note, I am married to my high school sweetheart. I was only 16 when we started dating. He was a football player and I was a cheerleader. You don’t get any cuter than that! God has blessed us with two beautiful children who are my absolute joy. Also, I just love Yorkies, which is why you see them al l throughout the book. One day, when the timing is right, I will add one to our family.

Can you tell us more about the ministry behind the book, Women Get Real?
Women Get Real Ministries is all about “getting real” with other women. All too often, women put on the façade that everything is just perfect. But, in reality, they are silently suffering with issues like fear, anxiety, depression, body image, and faith. We break the rules about what is and is not acceptable to talk about, to try and reach the hearts of women providing them with hope and healing.

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All Mascara is Not Created Equal

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