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My daughters love to play with baby dolls. They have strollers, beds, high chairs, and lots of other doll accessories. They love being mommies and having babies to care for. It really is the cutest thing to watch. They are such sweet girls and it warms my heart to watch them playing like that. I was thrilled to receive a Children of America doll for them to add to their collection.

 children of america doll          children of america doll          children of america doll

My youngest daughter especially loves her babies so as soon as she saw the box, she was asking me to open it up. There are four Children of America dolls to choose from – each with different stories. We chose to bring Ashley in to our home. She was born in Seattle, WA and loves to play computer games (so of course this gamer mom chose her!). She also wants to be a chef like her father. Both of my daughters really enjoy cooking with us, so Ashley seemed like a great fit for our family. The other three dolls are Andrea, Mia, & Brianna – and they each have their own unique back story and goals. Purchase your Children of America dolls here.

 unnamed (1)          children of america          chlldren of america doll stroller

While these dolls are recommended for ages three and up, I will say that my two year old has really taken to Ashley. She pushes her around in a stroller, feeds her meals that she has “cooked” and even rocks her to sleep by singing to her. My three and a half year old loves her as well, but she has become my youngest’s doll. Ashley comes with two barrettes and a second dress. She seems to be very well made, as well.


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