3D Deco Lights


My daughters love the show Dora the Explorer. It is one of their all time favorites. We watch it way too often if you ask me. Another thing that my girls love is items on their walls. They always want to hang up pictures, posters, even drawings. So when I came across these Dora & Boots 3D lights, I just knew they would fall in love with them.


I was actually surprised that there was no fighting over who got which 3D Deco Light. My oldest claimed Boots and my youngest was THRILLED with Dora! We brought them upstairs and got to hanging. They were actually really easy to install. Each one only took about 10 minutes – and that included putting the batteries in them (you will need 3 AAs for each light).

I do have one recommendation. If you have a large decal that has been folded up, you should put it under a heavy book for a day or two so that it will flatten out. The Boots decal almost immediately started peeling off the wall and it took a lot of smoothing to get it to stay. The Dora decal went on really well. I think that had a lot to do with the fact that it was split in to different stickers, so it was not folded up like Boots.

The heads/lights were really easy to put up. Just a couple of screws, that were provided, in to the wall. The decal even has a labeled spot where you should put them – no messing that up! My oldest helped my husband install them and she felt so proud and special. The 3D lights look really cool when up and the batteries seem to last a really long time. 3D Light FX has a ton more options than just Dora & Boots. They have sports, Star Wars, Transformers, Superheroes, even butterflies. Women and Their Pretties loved them too – check out her Avenger’s themed lights here – I am jealous!

You can browse the entire 3D Light FX shop on their website here to see what they offer. Interested in buying one? Click here to find them at a store near you or purchase online.

I received these in exchange for my unbiased, honest review. All opinions expressed are 100% my own.