My daughters are both at the age where they drink out of sippy cups. My 2 year old is always drinking out of them and my 3.5 year old is whenever she is not sitting at the dining room table. I just do not trust her not to have a cover on her cup. We moved in to a new house just about 2 years ago and immediately put in new carpeting. We had to because the stuff that was here was hideous (no offense previous owners!) and stained. Well now I am constantly holding my breath when my girls decide walking around with their cups is a good idea. I was excited to find the Poli Sippy because it solved a lot of #MommyProblems that I was dealing with when it comes to sippy cups!

One of my biggest problems is losing the small parts. With the Poli Sippy, they are tethered to the inside of the cap. So when you take it off to clean it, it is pretty hard to lose them. Yay! That makes this mama super happy! My youngest has thrown this cup several times (terrible twos hit immediately with her, I tell ya!) and the Poli Sippy has stayed strong and durable. no cracks. My 3.5 year old is constantly rejecting cups I hand her because they have “yucky tops” AKA her one of them chewed on the spout and it has bite marks on it. This drives me crazy. With the Poli Sippy cup spout, my girls can chew on it all they want and it doesn’t seem like it will crack, break, or leave marks. I absolutely love the adorable nursery rhyme designs that Poli offers. These cups are also free of BPA and phthalates! I cannot get enough of this cup. All of us love it! For more information and to purchase yours visit

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