Surprise Her With A Mystery Chocolate Box


I love subscription boxes. The thrill of having no idea what is going to be in the box when you open it up is half of the fun. Well, the Mystery Chocolate Box takes that to a whole new level! Once you open the box up, there are chocolate bars just labeled A B, & C. They could be anything (but don’t worry, they include allergy information)! Now you are eating your chocolate and there is still a surprise element to it!

I had fun guessing with my husband what we were eating. We were both chomping away and looking at each other deep in thought. We agreed on all of them and then entered our guesses online. About a week after we guessed, Mystery Chocolate Box revealed the details on their website and we were very close! We knew that Bar A was peppermint bark. That was obvious even from the smell. On Bar B we were not quite sure but knew it was a sort of holiday flavor. I said gingerbread and he agreed – we were right! For Bar C, we were both more or less stumped. We guessed hot chocolate thanks to the hint in the letter that came in the box – a hot drink you might enjoy in front of the fire – but it was Hot Buttered Rum! Bar A was my favorite, while Bar C was my husband’s favorite.

This year, give the gift that keep on giving, and get your Valentine a 3 or 12 month subscription to this box – so it can feel like Valentine’s Day all year long! These boxes are fun for the whole family. I love that the guessing does not stop when you open up the box like most subscription boxes. We were checking every day to see what the flavors were, which was a huge part of the fun! Find out more about the Mystery Chocolate Box and subscribe on their website here. You can also connect with them on Facebook and Twitter.

I received this in exchange for my unbiased, honest review. All opinions expressed are 100% my own.

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