Another Hit by VTech – Fun For All Ages!

My daughters are both really into dinosaurs right now. They also love cars and racing so I figured this would be the perfect toy for them – and it is! As soon as they saw the box, they were begging to play with their new VTech Switch & Go Dino! This toy is a vehicle and a dinosaur fused in to one! It is basically a remote control RC “car” (for lack of a better word) that transforms in to a dinosaur with the push of a button!

I have to admit, I was afraid that it would be too complicated, but it was not at all! My 3 year old figured it out before we even had a chance to finish reading the instructions booklet. She had a blast picking her “face” and switching from dino to car and back to dino. She also had fun chasing our pug puppy, Khaleesi, around with it! I must admit, I laughed pretty hard too! Just a fair warning, you will need 8 AA batteries before you can play – 2 for the remote control and 6 for the dino.

There are so many things you can do with Bronco the RC Triceratops. The remote control moves him forward, backward, left and right in both vehicle and dino modes. The turbo boost lever is really easy to use too. Just move it back and forth quickly to charge it then press a button to give him a burst of speed – he really goes FLYING! The buttons on the remote will turn on his headlights, play realistic sound effects, and teach you cool dino facts! Bronco’s LCD screen displays customizable dinosaur eyes and driver animations – there are 4 styles to choose from.

I just know that he will be a favorite in the house for years to come! VTech recommends this for ages 3-8 and I would say that is just about right – my youngest (she is almost 2) had fun with it, but she mostly just ran it into walls. I will also say that my husband, who is 31, had a whole ton of fun with this too – and I have caught him playing with it after the girls are in bed more than once!

Check out this adorable video of my daughter. All I said was that I wanted to video her playing with it. She came up with that introduction all on her own!

Be sure to connect with VTech on Twitter and Facebook for the latest and greatest kid’s toys! They have so much to offer right now that will be a hit this holiday season so browse their website – There are several more Switch & Go Dinos to choose from as well!

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