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My October Surviving Momhood Box

I think my favorite subscription box right now would have to be The Surviving Momhood Box. I love it because it is filled with all sorts of goodies for you! The amount of items always impresses me! There is usually something for your child too (although the November box will be just for mom!). Be sure to subscribe here for just $30 a month so you do not miss the next one! Make sure you tell them Mama Smith sent you! Each box is personalized to YOU! There are many options to choose from including mystery boxes (check out my review of one here)!

Here are the items I received in my October The Surviving Momhood Box and exactly what I thought of them:


Candy Land Board Game ($8 Value)

We love board games in our house – in case you have not figured that out yet. We play every day and so I am always looking for new games. Candy Land was a great addition to our collection because the girls can easily play it. And I must say, I love this version! It has a spinner instead of cards which is amazing! The cards get bent, ripped, and lost too easily with little ones. Purchase Yours Here

Invincible DVD ($5 Value)

This is a great movie! I do not want to ruin anything for you but it is a great family movie! My girls even paid attention to most of it – which says a lot since they do not like “people” movies as my 3 year old calls them. We have watched it several times already and it has become a favorite of mine (I LOVE Mark Wahlberg!). Purchase Yours Here

Leonard Mountain 4-Amigo Tortilla Soup ($8 Value)

Yum! Yum! Yum! This soup was so delicious and super easy to make! My husband has already asked me to buy more – so I did! It was a great side dish with turkey sandwiches – and perfect for a chilly upstate New York night. Purchase Here

Pier 1 Imports Set of 4 Tasting Spoons ($4 Value)

These spoons are really cool! I felt like such a professional chef using them. I put some of the soup in them for my family to taste before I served it and thought that was really fun. I also used them for cake pops that I ran out of sticks for! Purchase Yours Here

Yes To Products ($9 Value)
I love Yes To products! I have been a fan of them for sometime so I was super excited to see them in my box this month! I received Yes to Blueberry Lip Balm and Yes to Carrots Cleansing Wipes. Shop around their products here – you will love them all! 
Boston Warehouse Grips Football Grip Mitt ($24 Value)
This grip mitt is just what I needed! When I am trying to open jars while cooking, I am always using towels or my shirt to open stuck jars. I have used this several times now and it makes opening things so much easier! I am loving it – plus I am a huge fan of football so I like to rock it! Purchase Here
Monogrammed Playing Cards ($6 Value)
I love to play cards. I am always playing solitaire or begging my hubby to play cribbage. These cards are really nice. I love that they have a T for Tessa (my first name, if you did not know) and that they are pink and black. My favorite color combo! These cards are super cute and I love using them!
Essie Nail Polish ($8 Value)

I was excited to receive some essie nail polish as I was running low on polish. My daughters now love to get their nails painted and always want to paint mine too. I love the color, toggle to the top, it is shiny and pink/red and that makes me happy. 🙂 Find a store near you.
A Football Bowl 
This football bowl is super cute! I use it to hold paperclips and rubber bands and such on my desk.
A travel pack of Tissues ($1 Value)
I have had a cold for about a month now. So I have been going through tissues like crazy. Gotta love the winter weather and season for this stuff. These tissues are super cute and I love them! I have them in my purse for when I am out and about and need one.
A soccer ball, A baseball mitt and ball ($5+ value)
These balls are super fun! My girls love them! As a matter of fact, my 3 year old was quite upset that I would not allow her to take her pink mitt and ball out to dinner the day it arrived. I have since been talked in to letting her keep it on the table next to her while she eats. She has me wrapped around her finger that one…
Play Foam ($2 Value)
This stuff is so much fun! My girls love it! At first, my youngest tried to eat some, but I stopped her. It is really cool because you can mold it in to fun shapes. I can tell it will last us a good long while! Purchase here.
A recipe for Chili Cheese Dip (priceless!)

    A new addition to The Surviving Momhood Box is a monthly newsletter! It talks about this months’s theme and next month’s theme and some of the items you receive (remember, all the boxes are different!). The October newsletter also included a recipe for Chili Cheese Dip. This is one of my husband’s favorites so we had to try it right away. I made some and brought it over to my in-laws for some football and it was a huge hit! I will be making it again and again!
    Watch my #unboxing video below!
    Remember, next month’s box is all about pampering the moms so be sure to subscribe now! What a great holiday gift a subscription (or just one box!) would make for your mom or wife. You know she deserves it! Subscribe here (and tell them Mama Smith sent you!) – she will love you for it!
    I received this free in exchange for my unbiased, honest review. All opinions expressed are 100% my own.


    1. This is a unique theme for a gift box subscription - I love it! I also saw the movie Invincible...I really liked it. Wow, the box really came with a lot of nice goodies. I also like that it included not one, but two 'Yes to' products.
    2. Thank you Tessa for your wonderful review! We are thrilled you are enjoying your boxes and your girls have been enjoying their items as well. November will be just for you -- MOM!!! Enjoy the all the pampering!

      Thank you to everyone for the kind words on our boxes, we would love to have to you join our Family!

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