Jenga – A Perfect Addition To Game Night


Jenga Throw and Go – A New Twist on the Classic Favorite!

My husband and I play games a lot. We love to play when the girls go to bed at night, and sometimes even at naptime. I think it keeps things fun between us – a little friendly competition. We enjoy a wide variety of games – from HeroClix, to Monopoly, to The Walking Dead Board Game. We were really excited to receive Jenga Throw ‘n Go because we knew they added a twist to the fun classic.

This new Jenga is very similar to the original except the blocks are now colored. You stack one of each color to a row and roll the dice to see which color or spot (end or mid) you need to remove and place on the top. I love this new version because you are sometimes forced to go for a block you would normally try to avoid. You can also roll a reverse (which sends it back to the player before you), any two (where you will have to remove and place two blocks rather than just one), or wild (where you get to remove your choice). 

This is a really fun game from Winning Moves and we all enjoy playing it. Yes, my 3 year old can play it as well! She doesn’t do great, and usually is the one that makes the tower fall, but we have a lot of fun! The pieces themselves are sturdy and are great quality. If you are looking to put a new spin on game night, I suggest Jenga Thow ‘N Go! You can purchase it here – and check out the full website while you are there for more fun games!
I received this free in exchange for my honest, unbiased review. All opinions expressed are 100% my own.

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