Generation Stressed: Play-Based Tools to Help Your Child Overcome Anxiety


Tips for Helping Your Child De-Stress

Unfortunately, children these days are stressed. They really are. A lot of pressure is put on them for numerous things and many of them suffer from anxiety. It is a fact. Generation Stressed gives moms tips to help their child(ren) overcome that anxiety. I read through this book and I really enjoyed it. I feel like I now know the signs to watch for with my girls. I have also learned ways to reduce the stresses they have in their lives so they do not develop anxiety as they get older.
Generation Stressed features more than 30 play-based activities that parents can introduce to their kids in order to help them de-stress. The author, Michele Kambolis, is a registered Child and Family Therapist and Parent Educator. I really recommend this book. I feel like it has helped my girls and I bond, and I plan to make my husband read it next – before passing it along to all my mommy friends. If you are a mom looking to purchase something for a BFF mom friend – I recommend this book. You can purchase it directly from or on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and many other major booksellers.
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