Crocodile Dentist – Nail Biting Fun!


Crocodile Dentist

My girls and I love to play games. We have family game night at least once a week, but we also play games almost every day before lunch. It is a great time for us to bond and we always have so much fun. I am always looking for new games to introduce so they don’t get bored (OK, so I don’t get bored) and Crocodile Dentist has been a huge hit!
This game is great because it is really easy for both my girls. Even my (almost) 2 year old understands the concept and can play it without any help. You pull open the crocodile’s mouth and take turns pushing down it’s teeth. Without warning, the crocodile will snap its mouth shut. My girls loved this! They would laugh and laugh! It is so great because it is all randomized so they cannot know when it will happen. 
This is a new family favorite and there have been many giggles playing this game already! It is recommended for ages 4+ but I think that realistically it can be for ages 2+. This would be the perfect gift to place under the tree for your little ones! They can play it right away – no batteries, not parts to put together, it is ready to go! You can purchase this game from Winning Moves here for just $12.95. That is a steal for this family favorite! Be sure to check out their entire website for more great holiday gifts!

**Enter to win over on Mama Smith’s Facebook Page (ends 10/9 at 3:00pm EST)**
I received this game free in exchange for my unbiased and honest review. All opinions expressed are 100% my own.

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