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August Box Review

My little pug girl, Khaleesi, was so excited to open up her Paws & Play box with me when it came! I think she could smell all of the amazing goodies inside! In this box we received a Zorb It Up! 2 Pack, a Greenies Dental Chew, a CharmingPet Squawkers – Grandma Hippie, a Bosco & Roxy’s Cookie, a Etta Says Duck Chew, & a Merrick Classic Food Sample.

Zorb It Up! 2 Pack (Retails $3)

With a little puppy, accidents are inevitable. Khaleesi is pretty good about going outside, but she is only 11 weeks old so she gets excited easily. And, honestly, sometimes I think she could care less and just pees wherever she wants. I used one of these Zorb It Up pads the second day we had them and they worked so well! It sucked up all her pee right away! I was really impressed with it and have since used the other one – and plan to purchase more!

Greenies Dental Chew (Retails $5)

Greenies Dental Chews are amazing! We used these for the dog we had before we got Khaleesi (R.I.P. Draco) and always loved them. Our vet in Florida recommended them, and our Vet here in New York does as well. They are a great way for your dog to clean its teeth. Khaleesi was a big fan of hers! Even though she has baby teeth still, I want to start the habit early – just like with my girls. Haha.


CharmingPet Squawkers – Grandma Hippie (Retails $9)

This is now one of Khaleesi’s favorite toys! She is always running around the house with it. She has blast playing with it with my daughters. They think it is hilarious when it squeaks. It seems pretty durable so far. Khaleesi can be rough with her toys and it has help up for about two weeks now under constant play. CharmingPet has lots of other cute toys as well, so check out their full product line on their website here.

Bosco & Roxy’s Cookie (Retails $4)

Right away I loved this company because as part of the logo, they featured a pug! I know Khaleesi appreciated that too. Paws & Play put it in a bag with her name and a heart written on it. I absolutely loved that. I had to break this cookie up in to 4 servings because she is so tiny, but she loved it! These are made with human grade ingredients which I find really cool and unique! She ate it right up every time. I loved the “Spaw Day” written on it. So cute, and perfect for my little diva!


Etta Says Duck Chew (Retails $3)

I keep hearing how dogs can choke on pure rawhide so that makes me really nervous about them. That is why this treat makes a great alternative. The Duck Chew that Khaleesi received is made from a mixture of rawhide and duck feet so it is much softer. I did spend a good amount of time inspecting and feeling this chew before giving it to Khaleesi and was satisfied. It is very soft and would be hard for her to choke on. She loved it! It took her a few days to get through it, but it was a favorite for sure!

Merrick Classic Food Sample

We also received this all natural food sample. It is made from local farmers and ranchers and she really loved it. She wolfed it down so I imagine it tasted great!

I love how personalized Paws & Play made everything! Writing Khaleesi’s name (with a heart) on her cookie bag really made me smile. I think it is important that companies value every customer, and I can tell that they do! Paws & Play has many variety of boxes! This particular one (the toy breed To-Go box) would cost $15.00 – and I received $24 worth of products! If you are in the US you will be charged a $3.95 shipping charge, which is not bad at all. Paws & Play currently ships to Canada and the U.S. and accepts Credit Card & Paypal Payments.

These boxes are a great deal and a fun way to pamper your fur baby! It is also a good way to learn about new products you would not normally know about.  Be sure to check Paws & Play out on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube so you can take advantage of any deals they have!

Check out the #unboxing video below to see how we reacted when we opened it!

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I received this box free in exchange for an honest, unbiased review. All opinions expressed are 100% my own.

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