August PetBox in Detail


Now that Khaleesi and I have had a couple weeks to really test everything out from out first PetBox (see my original post here), I have decided to delve into the depths of each item and what we thought about them! Remember, if you want to get your own PetBox for your dog OR cat, just visit! Be sure to use the code “MamaSmith” so that you can receive 10% off your order!

Alcott  Essentials Adventure Bowl

We love this bowl! It is compact and easy to carry when out for a walk or a puppy play date at the park! Pugs get overheated very easily so this is really handy to have with us! I keep it in my purse when we go out. We bring Khaleesi to my in-laws house a lot and we set it up in their grass – all the dogs share it and it works really well! It dries super fast and does not leak. If you take your dogs to the park a lot, or even just outside, this is great for you! I always bring a bottle of water with me on walks and can now take this too to share with Khaleesi! You can purchase an Alcott Essentials Adventure Bowl for just $9.99 on their website

fordirtydogs dry shampoo

This dry shampoo is amazing! Khaleesi gets pretty dirty for a little dog. I swear, she rolls around in the grass and dirt every single time we go outside. And you really shouldn’t give your dog baths everyday of course, so this works great! It smells really good – I got the Grapefruit & Lemongrass but they have other scents, as well as unscented. Khaleesi actually loves when I use this because she gets a little massage out of it! This dry shampoo is 100% natural, which is what sold me on it! You can purchase your 8oz tub for $10.00 on the fordirtydogs website here. I received a 4oz tub. Be sure to check out their full website for other fun doggy cleaning products! 

Clean Paws Doodie Bags

I hope everyone who has a dog, picks up after it. There is nothing worse than seeing doggie poop on the road during a walk, or at the park – or sometimes on my lawn! I hate it. I always pick up after Khaleesi (and my dogs before her), it is just the considerate thing to do. That being said, I have used bags like this before, but when our dog was hit by a car a couple years ago we tossed EVERYTHING because we did not want to look at it. Except his collar, we took that with us when we moved and buried it under a tree – R.I.P. Draco. <3 But that being said, I did not know that recycled bags were an option! I LOVE that about these! Y’all know me and my “Go Earth!” attitude, haha. I love that this dispenser clips right on my retractable leash and is ready to go! Check out all of Doodie Bags products here – this particular set I received, is only $3.49! 

Be Pawsitive oven baked treats

In my PetBox, we also received Be Pawsitive Organic Oven Bakes Treats! They do not use gluten or fillers in their treats, which I love and so does Khaleesi! There are so many fun flavors to choose from – Banana Split, Cheesy Berry, and Pizza Party – just to name a few! One of my most FAVORITE things about Be Pawsitive is that when you purchase a bag of treats, they send one to a shelter dog with no family. How amazing is that? Definitely a company that I want to support in the future! You can purchase your own 11oz bag on their website here for $12.95!

Piggy Twizzie

This was probably Khaleesi’s favorite item that came in her PetBox! She spent every night for a week slowly working on it and it is now gone.  Since she is so tiny, I wanted her to space out eating her Piggy Twizzie – she would have devoured the whole thing right away if I let her. She would growl at me every night when I would take it away from her. We are going to have to buy more of these for her. Twizzies are made in the USA and come in Piggy (pork), Turducky™ (turkey and duck), and new Chicky (chicken). The twizzie did not smell, which some things like this do. I was most excited about that! Check out their store locator to find them near you! 

Rope Toy from Pawtastic Fleece Pet Toys

Khaleesi LOVES this toy! As you can tell from the photo, she will hardly sit still when it is in her presence! I could not get one good photo and I tried for days! Whenever she comes downstairs in the morning, it is the FIRST thing she looks for. She carries it with her everywhere! This came from Pawtastic Fleece Pet Toys on Etsy. They have lots of fun, handmade, dog toys that range from $5.00 to $30.00. They even do custom items!

So, overall, I think our first PetBox was a HUGE hit! With Khaleesi, as well as me! We love every single thing! Don’t forget, you can order a PetBox for your cat as well! If you use code “MamaSmith” you will get 10% off your order, so why not try it out for a few months?! You will be glad you did (and so with your furry friend)!

I received this free in exchange for my unbiased and honest review. All opinions expressed are 100% my own.

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