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So I am a HUGE Geek/Gamer at heart. I read comic books – even have a tattoo of my favorite comic book couple, Rogue & Gambit. My favorite movies are Marvel movies – Guardians, Spiderman, X-Men, etc… – and come on, my twitter handle is MarvelGoddess24!  I love video games – Skyrim, Fallout, Lego games, Final Fantasy (of course), Arkham series, the list goes on. I seriously could spend hours listing my favorite video games. The Walking Dead is one of my favorite TV shows along with Game of Thrones. I read TWD comics and have read all the GoT books (twice). The last two movies I went to see in the theater were TMNT & Guardians of the Galaxy. I feel pretty strongly that Loot Crate was created just for me – ha! And when I opened up my first ever one this week, I about cried at all the awesomeness. I think they were inside my head and knew exactly what I wanted! Enter here to win your own Loot Crate!

Funko POP! Glow in the Dark Groot

This was the first thing I saw when I opened up my Loot Crate and my heart literally stopped for a few moments. OK, maybe not literally, but it sure felt like it! One of my favorite comics has always been Guardians of the Galaxy. It is funny, entertaining, and just all around amazing – one of THE best Marvel creations if you ask me. So when I heard almost 2 years ago that they were coming out with a movie, I was ecstatic. I have been on the edge of my seat waiting for it and I went to see it the weekend it came out (and have thought about going back to see it again!). It was perfect. It completely embodied who the Guardians are and their attitudes to a “T”. I could not have been more pleased with the movie as an avid fan. Groot & Rocket are my favorite characters so I about died when I saw that the EXCLUSIVE Loot Crate POP! figure was a glow in the dark Groot! I love him so much. He is my precious…

TMNT Glasses & kidrobot Figure

I remember watching Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles as a kid growing up. My sister and I were obsessed and we would watch their shows on repeat. Raphael was already my favorite. He seemed so much cooler than the others. Ha. I loved him. So when I saw that the kidrobot figure and glasses I got were Raphael, I was beside myself with excitement! I am super excited for these! We just saw the movie and I must say, it was way better than I expected it to be. They kept them true to character which was nice, while the origin was a little iffy…. but it worked. I love Will Arnett, but can’t stand Megan Fox. I suggest going to see it though, if you have not already.

Sonic the Hedghog Air Freshener

I love Sonic! Hands down one of my favorite video games. It is a classic, and always will be! I hung this baby up in my car right away. It looks pretty cool, and smells awesome too!


These things are pretty cool. I feel like I can fly with them on my shoes! My 3 year old keeps telling me that she needs them and I don’t, so I may have to pass them over to her at some point.

I also received a super cute magnet and pin! This geeky mama is HOOKED on LootCrate! I am already excited for my next one! Order your subscription here and use code “SAVE10” for 10% off!

And guess what? You can enter to #win your very own Loot Crate! Just enter here before 12:00am on 8/26!

#Unboxing my Loot Crate:


I received this Loot Crate free in exchange for my honest review. All opinions expressed are 100% my own. 


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