Animal Trackers Club Review


Animal Trackers Club Review

Since I stay home with my girls, I try to do fun things that also help them learn every day. We have workbooks, which are great for letters and numbers, but when I discovered the Animal Trackers Club, I thought it would be the perfect addition to our “lessons”. #AnimalTrackersClub is a monthly subscription box for your little pre-reader (ages 3+). Each month will be centered around a different animal and you will receive a fact sheet, magnet, toy, project, mask, tracks card, and worksheets!


The first month, your child will receive their “starter kit”. This includes an Animal Trackers lunchbox (where they can keep their animals toys, fact sheets, and magnets!), habitat sheets with animal stickers, “My Animal Tracks” cover and ring, Savanna fact sheet, pencil, and a Savanna Animal Match Game. My daughter loves every single thing – and so do I! What a great way to learn about different animals and their habitats – as well as learn to read! The fact sheet has one side with all words, and one side that shows photos instead of certain words. I think this will really help my 3 year old learn to read! The cards for the matching game are great because you can use them for many things – and they come with a list of several ideas! My daughter loves matching games and this has quickly become a favorite over her Doc McStuffins set already – which says a lot!


I also received the second month of Animal Trackers Club which features the zebra. It just so happens this is one of my daughter’s favorite animals so she was thrilled! She received two learning worksheets, a fact sheet, an animal tracks card, a magnet, a toy, and a VERY cool project! The project uses magic noodles to “color” in a zebra. We received two zebras, which was perfect because my 18 month old made her own zebra too! These noodles are pretty awesome – you just wet them and they stick to paper! We had some extras that I will be saving for future projects for sure.

We have had a lot of fun with out kits and I am pretty sure we will be continuing this service! It is only $11.95 a month plus $3.00 shipping and handling and it is well worth it in my opinion. I love that you receive a wide variety of items – learning tools, creative projects, toys, and more! They have really outdone themselves! My daughter loves carrying everything around in her Animal Trackers lunchbox and she even thought to decorate her zebra mask with square stickers!


Check out my unboxing video with my 3 year old below. She was so excited to be getting mail and could not believe everything that she received! She keeps asking me when her next “animal things” will be here!

You can connect with Animal Trackers on FacebookTwitter, and Pinterest. Learn more about this monthly subscription on their website here. Do you have a child who is 6+ years old? Then don’t worry! They have something for your too! Animal Trackers Club’s sister subscription service is Space Scouts and you can learn about them here!

I received months one and two of Animal Trackers Club for free in exchange for my honest opinions. Everything stated is 100% my own opinion.

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