Move & Groove™ Review


Move & Groove™ Review

I am a huge fan of #ThinkFun games. They are practically all we play in this house. I love that my daughter has a blast playing them and learns things along the way. I have previously reviewed #RobotTurtles and Shell Game and I have now had the opportunity to play Move & Groove. The suggested age for this game is 18 months and up and that is perfect. My youngest is 18 months old and she had a blast with this game! My 3 year old really enjoys it is well!


I love this game because it gets your kid(s) “moving & grooving” – it’s right there in the name folks! Haha. But seriously, this game gets kids up off the couch and gets them going! I love a good board game as much as the next guy – but it is mostly for the fun and time spent with family and friends. A game where we get off our butts and have to do the funky chicken is alright in my book!

This game comes with 48 cards that are split in to 6 categories. Each category – Let’s Pretend, Movement, Classics, Body Parts, Silliness, and Workout – corresponds with a color on the cube. The cube is large and soft – great for little hands! You throw the cube and choose a card to go with the color that is facing up. Then you do that activity! It is very straightforward and easy for littles to understand. I kid you not when I say that we have played this game 17 times since it arrived on Friday (I am writing this on Sunday!).

Sorry for the blurry photo, the girls wouldn’t stop moving!

The Move & Groove cube has a pocket on one of the squares (the purple one, if you were wondering) where you store the box of cards. This is perfect storage! I love this idea because I have lost pieces to games all too many times! This makes it easy to find a place to store this game and it keeps everything all together.

Overall, I am a giant fan of this game! It is fun to play and gets your kids some exercise. We were laughing the whole time we were playing. The game is easy to clean up and store. You can stop playing at any time in case someone loses interest – but trust me, you will be worn out way before your kids are! There is a wide variety of moves to go through and each one is great. Check out this video to see the game in action!

You can purchase Move & Groove for your little ones directly from Think Fun’s website or on Amazon for just $19.99. A small price to pay for a game that is not only fun, but one that gets your kids exercising! Plus, it will be fun to play for all ages – I imagine this being a family favorite for a very very long time!

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