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Pets, Travel, Vehicles January 4, 2018

Pineapples, Puppies, & Superheroes: The Story of Two Friends & One Kia Niro Plug-In Hybrid | #NiroRoadTrip

When Kia asked me to take a California road trip in their brand new 2018 Kia Niro Plug-In Hybrid for a couple of days, I didn’t even have to think about it. The icing on the cake? I would be doing it with one of my best friends – Shelley from A Magical Mess. I have known her for a few years now and can honestly say she is one of my favorite humans on the face of the Earth. She is also just like me – Type A personality. So of course we had multiple documents detailing what we wanted to do with our trip before we even left our homes. But it wasn’t until the morning of our trip that we came up with our full theme – Pineapples, Puppies, & Superheroes.

Pets October 31, 2017

A Sure Way To Show Your Pet How Much You Love Them | #Petcurean #NourishForLife

You probably know this about me already, but I have two dogs – a pug named Khaleesi and a puggle named Sansa. They are truly a part of the family and like our third and fourth kids. We like to spoil them with tons of toys and probably more treats than we should give them. Most importantly, we want to make sure we are giving them a food that is good for them. Something healthy, and still delicious, and I think we found that with Petcurean.

Pets, Tech July 11, 2017

Keep Track of Your Pet & Their Health with Paby Smart Pet Tracker | #Paby #PetParents

We are a dog family. There are two of them in our family, a pug named Khaleesi, and a puggle named Sansa (clearly we are Game of Thrones fans). Our pug is great at staying in the yard and causing no issues, but the puggle, who just turned one, likes to push our buttons. She will normally stay in the yard, but she likes to find places to hide that we didn’t even know about. That is why we were really excited to try out the new smart pet tracker, Paby.

Pets, Television May 17, 2017

Getting Real with Downward Dog’s Allison Tolman & Samm Hodges | #GotGVol2Event #DownwardDog

While in LA recently, I was lucky enough to get a sneak peak at ABC’s new show, Downward Dog. I have two dogs myself (a pug and puggle) and am a HUGE dog lover so I was really excited to see this show. I honestly had no idea how hard it would hit me. Within minutes I was feeling guilty for flying to LA and leaving my pups behind. I instantly thought of all the moments I didn’t take them for a walk when I should have or when I pet them when I should have. A special sneak peak of Downward Dog airs tonight, May 16th, at 9:30pm, don’t miss it!

Pets February 19, 2017

Why I Choose Premium Grain-free Biscuits For My Dog Everyday | #milkbone #nationaldogbiscuitday

With National Dog Biscuit Day coming up on February 23rd, I was so happy to find the Farmer’s Medley line from Milk-Bone. I think about the food and quality ingredients I eat to fuel my life -and do the same for my dog. Whether it’s for training or treating, dog biscuits are part of our every day. That’s why I recently partnered with Milk-Bone to try out their new Farmer’s Medley dog treats. They are full of great ingredients! Below are some of the questions I think about before I buy treats for my dogs.

Collectibles & Subscriptions, Pets December 25, 2016

Celebrate the Holidays with Pet Gift Box: A Subscription Box for Your Pets! | #PetGiftBox

We have two dogs in our house, Khaleesi and Sansa, and they are totally a part of the family. One thing that we love to do for them is get Pet Gift Box to show up at our door. Pet Gift Box is a monthly subscription box that is filled with treats and toys for your pet. You can choose dog or cat boxes to be delivered right to your door. My daughters love to open the boxes with our dogs and show them all of the things they got inside.

Pets October 30, 2016

Tailgate with Your Pup and Pup-Peroni | #woofyeah

Woof Yeah – Pup-Peroni is helping me share the deliciousness of tailgate season with my pooch! The air is crisp, the pigskin is getting tossed around, and the grill’s getting fired up! For me, there’s no better feeling than grilling tender, juicy steaks for my buds during a football game. The succulent smell’s got my belly grumbling and my pooch’s tail wagging!

Pets October 8, 2016

Purrfect Together: Celebrate the Bond Between You and Your Kitty This October | #PurrfectTogether

October is National Pet Wellness Month and National Black Cat Awareness Month—and there’s never been a better time to show our cats some extra love. Recently, the cat lovers at Meow Mix ran the Purrfect Together Survey, which asked cat parents around the country about their special bond with their four-legged friends. Here are some of the meow-nificent results.

Pets October 4, 2016

3 Things Every WWE Fan Needs For Their Pets | #WWEPet #Petmate

WWE fans can now share their passion with their pets as Petmate, the worldwide leader of solutions and excellence in the pet industry providing fun trusted, quality products to enhance the lives of pets and their families, announces the launch of its new collection of WWE pet products available at retailers nationwide! The new collection features iconic pet beds, fan favorite collars and leashes, and assorted rough and tough rubber and plush toys, capturing the excitement of WWE. Showcasing the brand’s mega-themes and fan-favorite Superstars including WWE Superstars John Cena and The Rock, and WWE Hall of Famer Stone Cold Steve Austin, the collection is now on pet store shelves near you.

Collectibles & Subscriptions, Pets August 14, 2016

Stay Cool with Pet Gift Box | #PetGiftBox #SubscriptionBox

We love Pet Gift Box! I enjoy getting to try out new treats and toys – and I know my pup, Khaleesi does too! This month’s box was themed “The Big Chill” and included lots of items that will help you pup stay cool this summer. Now remember, Pet Gift Box is not just for dogs, they have a cat version as well. One thing I really like about Pet Gift Box is that they always include the value of each item (and total it for you at the bottom of the item card). This way you know exactly how much you are saving by subscribing to Pet Gift Box! Get your first box free here!

Collectibles & Subscriptions, Pets July 17, 2016

Gone Fishing with Pet Gift Box | #PetGiftBox #SubscriptionBox

We love Pet Gift Box! I enjoy getting to try out new treats and toys – and I know my pup, Khaleesi does too! This month’s box was themed “Gone Fishing” and included lots of fish related items. My dog really liked everything in this month’s box – she didn’t turn her head up at anything. I was a little nervous about the salmon skin, but it didn’t smell or ruin the furniture like I thought it might. One thing I really like about Pet Gift Box is that they always include the value of each item (and total it for you at the bottom of the item card). This way you know exactly how much you are saving by subscribing to Pet Gift Box!

Crafts, DIY, Entertainment, Kids, Movies, Pets July 14, 2016

5 DIY Masks & Puppets Inspired By The Secret Life Of Pets | #PetCrafts #Craft #DIY #TheSecretLifeOfPets

My family has been waiting for The Secret Life of Pets to come out since we saw the first teaser trailer. We have a pug ourselves and always wonder what she is up to when we leave her at home. This movie is sure to be cute, fun, and downright hilarious – just look at the stellar cast! To help celebrate the release, I have put together some super cute easy mask and puppet crafts featuring the animals of the film. Since this film is all about pets, I have partnered with Simple Solutionpet care products, to bring you these today.

Pets July 8, 2016

Win $125 of Vet’s Best Soft Chews for Dogs | #Giveaway #VetsBest

For many of us, our dogs are another member of the family. If you have a dog, you probably work hard to make sure you’re feeding them a well balanced diet. Have you ever considered health supplements for your dog? They are a great way to round out your 4-legged friend’s diet. We’ve teamed up with The Bramton Company to give one lucky dog an amazing prize package of supplements!