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For all things you use around the house! From food, to beauty items, to gift guides – Home Life has it all. This category even includes coupons and savings tips! Truly the “lifestyle” section of Mama’s Geeky!

Home Life November 14, 2017

Trust Dryel with Your At-Home Dry Cleaning: Won’t Shrink, Stretch, or Fade! | #Dryel

Between all four of us, my family surprisingly has a lot of clothes that should be dry cleaned. But honestly – who has time for that? Until I learned about Dryel, the chances of my actually paying attention to the tags on my clothing was pretty slim to none. There was no way that I could squeeze in going to the dry cleaners to my already busy schedule. With Dryel, I can take care of our clothes the way I should, without having to worry about them stretching, shrinking, or fading.

Kids, Shopping & Gift Guides November 5, 2017

Gifts Your Kids Would Love to Receive this 2017 Holiday Season | #THBGG #GiftsForKids

I don’t know about you, but I get overwhelmed each holiday season. Having two little girls to shop for can be difficult because there are so many toys out there to choose from. This list contains items that my daughters (and my husband and I!) love. We feel these will make great holiday gifts this year. Each item on this guide was personally tested and/or approved by Mama’s Geeky or her children. This guide may contain affiliate links.

Shopping & Gift Guides November 4, 2017

2017 Holiday Gift Ideas that the Whole Family Will Love! | #THBGG #GiftIdeas

When I give gifts to my friends and family, I like to give gifts that are a help to the whole family! From items that will help in the kitchen, to those that will create everlasting family memories – here are some of my favorites. Each item on this guide was personally tested and/or approved by Mama’s Geeky or her family.

Pets October 31, 2017

A Sure Way To Show Your Pet How Much You Love Them | #Petcurean #NourishForLife

You probably know this about me already, but I have two dogs – a pug named Khaleesi and a puggle named Sansa. They are truly a part of the family and like our third and fourth kids. We like to spoil them with tons of toys and probably more treats than we should give them. Most importantly, we want to make sure we are giving them a food that is good for them. Something healthy, and still delicious, and I think we found that with Petcurean.

Shopping & Gift Guides October 29, 2017

Gift Ideas That Will Have Her Over The Moon Excited This 2017 Holiday Season! | #THBGG #GiftsForHer

My husband always has a hard time shopping for me, so I like to put together a nice list for him to choose from every year. This year, I want to pass along some of those items for you. Whether they make your own holiday wish list, or help you pick out items for your friends, significant others, or siblings, I hope you enjoy them! Each item on this guide was personally tested and/or approved by Mama’s Geeky or her children.

Giveaways, Shopping & Gift Guides October 21, 2017

Gift Ideas for the 2017 Holiday Season that Will Impress Any Man! | #GiftsForMen #THBGG #Giveaway

Welcome to Mama’s Geeky’s Gift Ideas for Men 2017 Holiday Gift Guide! In this guide you will find some gift ideas that will have the man in your life smiling from ear to ear! Whether he is your significant other, brother, father, or friend – these gifts are sure to impress him! Keep checking back as new gift ideas will be added throughout the holiday season. I am even giving you a chance to win some of them at the bottom of the guide – so don’t leave without entering. All of these items have been personally tested by myself or my husband.

Coupons & Savings, Home Life October 15, 2017

Prep for the Holidays & Save BIG on an LG Kitchen Appliance Package at Best Buy | #LG

One of my favorite things about the holidays is hosting friends and families. There is nothing like gathering around the dining room table with those that you love and enjoying some delicious, homemade meals. It certainly helps to have the right appliances in your kitchen – they are sure to make your holidays less stressful. Thanks to LG and Best Buy, you can now save big and prepare for the holidays. Be the envy of your family and friends with the kitchen of everyone’s dreams!

Home Life, Kids October 7, 2017

Get Free Halloween Pictures at a Portrait Studio Near You

My husband is super talented when it comes to crafty things. He creates a lot of the DIY stuff here at Mama’s Geeky, including my daughters’ Star Vs. The Forces of Evil Halloween costumes! These cosplay outfits came out so good that we had talked about getting some professional photos taken. As if by magic, shortly after I received an offer to work with one of my favorite studios again – Portrait Innovations.

Disney, Disney Planning, FanGirl Friday, Food & Drink September 21, 2017

4 Reasons To Book The Garden Grill for Breakfast At Epcot at Walt Disney World | #DisneyWorld

The Garden Grill is always on our must do dining list when we visit Disney World. In my opinion, it is one of the best character meals that there is, for several different reasons. A Smith Family visit to Disney World would just not be the same without it. My in-laws will be hitting Disney World with us in a few months and we knew right away the one breakfast we had to make sure they did not miss is The Garden Grill. I am thrilled to say that we were able to book it – and cannot wait to show them why we love it so much!

Home Life September 19, 2017

Clogs 101: How To Solve Your Clog Problems with Roto-Rooter | #RotoRooter #ClogProblems

Living in an old home comes with lots of handyman type problems – one of which is old plumbing. Because of these pipes, we end up with lots of clog problems in our home. My husband says a lot of it also has to do with my curly, frizzy, crazy hair that sheds constantly – but I am not sure if that is 100% true (it is, but don’t tell him that!). Roto-Rooter has helped us battle quite the list of clogs in the last few months, and I highly recommend it. With more active ingredients and the perfect thickness, Roto-Rooter is the best choice for all types of clogs.

Coupons & Savings, Home Life September 13, 2017

Save Money By Dry Cleaning Your Clothes At Home With Dryel | #Dryel #Savings

My husband and I have discovered that there are lots of easy household tricks you can do in order to save money. We are always looking for ways to do this, and one we love is Dryel. Between the two of us, we wear a lot of clothes that are recommended to be taken to the dry cleaners. With Dryel, we can dry clean our clothes at home in just three easy steps for a fraction of the cost of a professional dry cleaners. It works just as well (if not better) and takes just about 15 minutes of our time. There is pretty much no reason not to use it!

Home Life, Travel September 5, 2017

Make Traveling with Gadgets Easy Thanks to Porte Play Organizers | #PortePlay

I travel a lot – for personal vacations as well as for business trips. Because of my job and my lifestyle, no matter where I go, I have a lot of electronics and gadgets that come along with me. I never leave the house without my cellphones, power banks, Nikon D5000, & Microsoft Surface Pro. I am constantly taking photos and recording my trips, so I need these items, plus all of the chargers that come along with them. I hate just throwing cords in to my suitcase, so have been looking for a good organizer for a while. I was thrilled to discover Porte Play organizers.

Home Life August 30, 2017

CanvasPop Has Photo Decor & Gifts That Everyone Needs | #PhotoGifts

The fact that cellphones have pretty impressive cameras now-a-days, means that many of us take photos constantly. But where do they end up? I know mine almost always just sit on my phone. Every now and then I share on social media or transfer to my computer, but that’s about it. Thanks to CanvasPop, you can create a variety of pretty awesome products to display your favorite photos!

Beauty & Fashion August 24, 2017

Enjoy Scented Candles & Bath Bombs With The Fun Of A Surprise Valuable Item | #JewelryCandles

I have teamed up with The Hopping Bloggers to bring you a pretty amazing giveaway! You may have heard of Jewelry Candles and Bath Bombs already, but now is your chance to learn more and win something from them! When it comes to unique gift ideas and unique gifts, Jewelry Candles has the most extensive line of candles with jewelry inside, jewelry bath bombs, cash money candles, jewelry roses, jewelry sugar scrubs and so much more!

Coupons & Savings August 22, 2017

Save On Prescriptions, Vision, Dental, & Virtual Doctor Visits With SingleCare

Right now, the state of healthcare in the country is up in the air. No one really knows what will remain available for those that need help. So if you are currently worried about affordable healthcare, I want to tell you about SingleCare. With SingleCare you can save on prescriptions, dental, vision, and even on-demand virtual doctor visits. Whether it’s a life-saving drug or a routine dental cleaning, they believe consumers should be able to compare costs for healthcare services. They know how important it is to get care without worrying about networks, coverage limitations, or deductibles.