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Fun Guides, Kids August 9, 2017

Get Ready for Back to School with These Kid’s Essentials | #BackToSchool #THBGG

Welcome to the 2017 Back to School Essentials List! Mama’s Geeky is bringing you everything that you need for a successful year at school! Back to school can be stressful for parents as well as kids – so I have put together some items that will make getting ready easier and quicker! Each item on this guide was personally tested and/or approved by Mama’s Geeky and/or her children.

Fun Guides, Home Goods July 7, 2017

5 Things You Need To Make Your Camping Trip EPIC | #Camping

My family recently purchased a tent and have been planning camping trips for the whole summer. We are super excited to be spending more time together outdoors – but let’s face it, I am not a fan of “roughing it”. In planning our trips, I have come across ten items that will make your camping trips just a bit cozier. All items in this guide have been personally tested by myself and/or my family. Make your camping trips epic this season!

Books, Fun Guides, Kids May 27, 2017

The Best Kids & Young Adult Books of 2017 | #Reading #KidsBooks

Mama Smith grew up reading and in turn, loves reading to her little girls. She knows the importance of reading from birth and has put together a list of some of the best kids books of 2017! Each book on this guide was personally tested and/or approved by Mama Smith. Please enjoy and remember to keep coming back because new items are added daily! This guide may contain affiliate links.

Books, Fun Guides May 25, 2017

10 Things Every (Not So) Crafty Mom or Dad Needs | #Crafts

I wish I was a crafty mom, but the truth is, I just am not. Now, if you give me the materials, easy to follow directions, and basically everything I need to create something – I am all over it. I know there are other parents like this out there, so I put together a collection of easy project kits and books that every not so crafty parent can benefit from. All items listed were personally tested by myself and/or my daughters. We had a blast with all of these items – and you and your kids are sure to as well!

Fun Guides April 29, 2017

Mother’s Day Gifts that Any Mom Will Love | #MothersDay #GiftIdeas

This Mother’s Day why not WOW Mom with some fun and unique gifts that she would never think to purchase for herself. I am a mom of two little girls and I love to receive gifts that I would not think to pick up myself. Many moms are like this so I have put together a list of some gifts that I would be thrilled to be given for Mother’s Day. Enjoy!

Fun Guides April 1, 2017

Fun & Unique Gifts to Fill Your Easter Baskets With This Year! | #Easter #GiftIdeas

If you are looking to fill your little one’s Easter Basket with fun and unique gifts this year, look no further! Sure, we all want to add candy to their baskets, and I have chosen some great stuff to include, but I always enjoy adding some toys and other items that will get longtime use! Here is a list of items that I know the Easter Bunny would be happy to hop in with at your house this year! If you have any suggestions yourself, feel free to leave a comment letting everyone know!

Fun Guides February 1, 2017

Top Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Just About Everyone | #ValentinesDay #VDAY #VDAYGiftGuide

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. I always try to come up with creative ideas besides candy and stuffed animals. I have put together a list of the things I am getting for the loved ones in my life, and I hope it can help you while shopping for yours. If you have any unique gift ideas of your own, feel free to leave them in the comments.

Fun Guides January 25, 2017

10 Must Have Items You Need To Survive Winter | #WinterSurvival #Winter

I live in upstate New York so I know a thing or two about winter. I am not a huge fan of the snow and the cold and the ice – not mention the dry skin. It is hard enough taking care of myself in the winter, but having two young girls makes it harder. I have put together a list of items that I have discovered to help me get through it, and I hope they help you too!

Fun Guides November 26, 2016

25 Gifts for the Guy That Has Everything | #HGG #GiftIdeas

Let’s face it ladies, guys can be nearly impossible to shop for. If the man in your life is anything like my husband and my father, they buy whatever they want making it impossible to surprise them with something fun and unique. I have been hard at work putting together a list of some amazing items – that you just might be able to surprise them with!